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newsProbably many readers have sought the help of to find out about local hiring companies, post jobs, or to find a new job themselves.  This inviting search engine for jobs enjoys an existence unscathed by the country’s glaring unemployment statistics.  This past year reports indicate an 88% more job postings than 2009. If any reflection on the real economy, this jump in job posts is incredibly good economic news.

What are these resistant jobs that promoted?  Jobs for transportation workers, particularly truck drivers, have grown in great numbers on the website.  Manufacturing workers also were able to enter the website with confidence that their skills were wanted in high numbers of postings.

Computer technology offers an interesting tool for measurement of job competition for these jobs, as it can measure how many people clicked on the job postings.  Thus, confirmed that health care workers, for instance, are in great demand and face little competition in the job market. Postings for these jobs only reaped a mere 14 clicks on average. Compare this number to the 49 clicks of interest in jobs in newspaper and media. Good markets for recruiters tend to be the areas of high demand and low supply – these click metrics are interesting data points to watch for the recruiting and staffing field.

If the 2010 statistics of offer a microcosm of the economy, it seems that it might be time to practice using side mirrors and drinking black coffee in preparation for a future in truck driving. Let’s hope that the big increase in job posting at least forecasts high demand for new talent and a more positive hiring climate for 2011.

By Marie Larsen