New Employee Engagement Index Tool Available

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NewsLarge numbers of companies globally are benefitting from the consulting and marketing firm Judgment Index, due to its new Employee Engagement Index assessment tool called the Judgment Index (JI). This unique tool helps recruiters with employee screening and selection, safety management, employee turnover rates, compliance issues, and overall wellness, as it measures an employee’s attitude and behavior towards their job. Additionally, to assist with judgment, the Judgment Coach is available, which offers short online coaching videos aimed at improving one’s ability to judge employees work ethic and ability.

CEO of Judgment Index, Bill Wilson, states, “Unlike other Engagement Reports, the Judgment Index Employee Engagement Index measures areas that are deemed the real reasons someone stays or leaves their employment (behavior attitude toward work), things other assessments don’t measure.”

The tool gauges a potential employee’s level of engagement, which is measured by one’s values in various categories. The results have been found to be a good predictor of the level of engagement, or emotional attachment, an employee will have with a company. Furthermore, the information gained by the tools can be used as a base to develop strategies to improve engagement levels.

For more information concerning the JI Employee Engagement Index, contact Roger Wall, CMO, Judgment Index USA at 615-656-5978 or visit the website:

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