Demand for Employees with Mobile Development Skills Grows

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NewsNew jobs for Computer Programmers have increased more than 50 percent when compared to the same time period in 2010.  According the WANTED Analytics, in the past 90 days, at least 42,000 new jobs have been placed online for Computer Programmers and Computer Specialists that have mobile and development skill, with salaries ranging from $91,800 to $106,000.

In September, 2011, at least 17,000 online jobs were added after a slight lull in June and July. As more companies understand the importance of mobile applications in commerce, banking, and gaming, the more in demand Programmers with mobile development skills will be.

In greatest demand currently are Software Engineers, Systems Administrators, Web Developers, iPhone Developers, and Java Developers.  Experiencing the most growth since last year is San Francisco, with an 80 percent increase in online jobs.  New York has experienced a 56 percent growth over the past three months, posting 4,200 new online jobs. Other cities with higher demand are Seattle, San Jose, and Washington, DC.

With the number of jobs increasing, it is causing some challenges for recruiters in various locations.  According to HiringScale, San Francisco is experiencing the most difficulty, as the number of job applicants are lower than average.  This increases the competition between recruiters, increasing time and money spent to fill positions.  On the other hand, Columbus, GA and Champaign-Urbana, IL are among the easiest locations to recruit for open positions.

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