New Book, “Firing at Will” Guides Hiring Managers

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NewsApress has released a new book for hiring managers responsible for hiring and firing employees called, “Firing at Will”. The book helps managers by giving them insight and guidance to decrease the occurrence of employee terminations, which helps decrease liability lawsuits and workplace tension. Corporate recruiters and human resource managers should ensure that departmental managers have training and knowledge about how to approach terminations.

Firing an employee is not easy. It can be a stressful thing for managers; many of whom have had no formal training on the most effective ways to approach these situations. As a result, many managers fire employees in ways they think are right, but the firing does not go as planned. Jay Shepherd is the author of the new book and had this to say: “Firing employees is the riskiest thing you can do at work with your clothes on. That’s why it’s so important for managers to learn how to do it the right way and lower that risk. And it’s even better if managers learn how to build a workplace where they don’t have to fire as many employees.”

“Firing at Will” has key lessons and guides readers on practical ways to fire employees. Its focus is to give each manager necessary skills to fire employees with professionalism and tact. The book will assist managers in learning:

  • How to cut down the instances of employee lawsuits
  • Deciding factors in firing an employee
  • Who are high risk employees?
  • Why employee dignity matters
  • The importance of hiring methods
  • How to make your employees happy workers

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