Hate Looking for a Job? 8 Signs You Need a Career Coach

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SparklersAre you wondering if hiring a career coach is right for you?

Just ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Do you have a serious problem landing an interview?
  2. Do you hate your job, but don’t know what else to go for?
  3. Do you get worried even thinking about job interviews?

Did you answer “Yes” to any one of these questions?

If so, you are in need of some help from a hiring professional. A great career coach will do more than just lead you down the right career path. As your career advisor, they will help you to polish your resume and interview skills. An expert will help you seek out positions in the hidden job market that allow you to best utilize your strengths and personality. They will build you up internally to help you land the dream job that you want.

Whether you’re an MBA graduate, trying to relaunch your career, or desperately in need of a change, a career advisor will provide you with that extra help you need to find the job you were destined to have. 

Want a few more clues to help you determine whether you need a career coach right now? Check the list below.

1. You Hate Your Job

Are you constantly watching the clock when you are at work? Do you feel a deep sense of “I don’t want to be here” every minute you are there? Is it the normal feeling that you have when you reach your office every day? If yes, you certainly need to contact a career professional right now.

2. You Have Outgrown Your Position

Okay, so you learned everything you needed to know at your current job. Do you need a new challenge? A career coach can help you to identify a new career path to which you can smoothly transition and in which you can utilize the valuable knowledge and skills you have gained from your past positions.

3. You Have a Negative Outlook on Life

PathA job is a job. It’s not always very fun, but going to a job you hate can result in around-the-clock bad moods. You don’t want to take out your frustration and anger on your roommates, family members, or significant other, do you? Hire a professional who can direct you towards a more positive and productive approach towards your work life. 

4. You Have a Problem Keeping a Job

Job hopping is not a fashion trend. It indicates that you are looking for the wrong jobs every time. Do you not know what job you want to do? A hiring professional will be able to help you uncover your real passion and the role that keeps you engaged.

5. No Room for Advancement 

Stuck in the position you are in?Solution: Find a new job that lets you grow — whether in terms of money, satisfaction, or future prospects! Don’t know how to do that? You need to hire a professional.

6. You Don’t Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

All too often, people find themselves in jobs that they can’t seem to master. No, they are not lazy. In fact, most of them work harder than anyone else in the office. Unfortunately, the problem lies with the particular position. You need to work where your personality, skills, and strengths are all aligned together. Do you know what your personal strengths and weaknesses are? No? Let a career advisor help you uncover them.

7. You Can’t Get an Interview

You have spent hours scouring LinkedIn, updating your profile, and submitting your resume to dozens of companies, but still haven’t gotten one interview. Why? Your resume sucks! Even with all the rigNotepadht degrees and qualifications, an unprofessional, clumsy resume gets thrown into the garbage bin without garnering a single look from the recruiter. Career coaches know how to create a resume that will help your skills shine and get noticed by the company of your dreams.

8. You are Getting Interviews, But No Offers

You got the interview. Kudos to you! You already have the qualification that your dream company is looking for. But you didn’t get the offer. Why? Your unimpressive interview skills — therein lies the problem. Sometimes, going to an interview can feel like an interrogation, bringing on intense feelings of anxiety and nervousness, making it difficult to answer the questions, or at least have a good answer for the questions. Result: you don’t get the job offer. Don’t worry. All you need is a little help from your career coach.

If you think you know what career you want or already have your dream job, congratulations. You are among a lucky few!

But for most of us, a little help from a trained professional is exactly what we need.

Because a job is not what you do, but who you are.

By Glenn Laumeister