How Can Traditional Recruiters and Reverse Recruiters Help Each Other?

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Recruitment is an exciting, dynamic industry, hiring data show. A research report by Future Market Insights stated, “the global talent acquisition and staffing technology and services market is estimated to reach $140 billion this year.” Now, more than ever, the industry is rapidly changing and growing. 

We all know about the changes brought about by ongoing technological advancements, not to mention massive shifts in light of the pandemic. 

But today, I will talk about a new development – the emergence of reverse recruiters and the relationship between them and traditional recruiters. 

You may have just read the term reverse recruiter for the first time. But don’t panic or assume you’re way behind the times! 

This article will provide clear information on what a reverse recruiter is and how the relationship between reverse recruiters and traditional recruiters can mutually benefit in multiple ways.  

What Is a Reverse Recruiter?

As the name indicates, the job of a reverse recruiter is somewhat the opposite of a traditional recruiter.  More accurately, they perform similar tasks but from a different angle. Instead of finding candidates for employers, reverse recruiters find roles for job seekers. 

Traditional recruiters are searching for candidates, whereas reverse recruiters are searching for jobs that the recruiters have to offer. 

Typically, a reverse recruiter works at companies that help job seekers in various ways, such as managed job search services, resume writing or career coaching services, and similar companies. 

They take job seekers under their wings and help them conduct a successful job search. A reverse recruiter’s job might include: 

  • Guiding job seekers 
  • Helping them target and find jobs 
  • Applying to jobs on behalf of the candidates
  • Helping them with networking
  • Offering interview preparation guidance
  • Performing other relevant duties 

Find My Profession is the pioneer in reverse recruiting. A reverse recruiter handles all aspects of a job search on behalf of the client candidate and networks with traditional recruiters. 

Now, as we have a sufficient understanding of what a reverser recruiter is and what they do, let’s find out how a traditional recruiter and a reverse recruiter can help each other in the complexities of the recruitment world.

Create a Lasting Win-Win Connection

As reverse recruiters actively work with candidates, they can assist traditional recruiters in filling vacancies, especially those hard-to-fill positions at leadership levels. 

Traditional recruiters can help reverse recruiters by being accessible regarding their openings that may fit clients a reverse recruiter is working with.

The collaboration will make the jobs of both groups easier. Reverse recruiters can offer a funnel of fresh and qualified candidates to traditional recruiters, who can forward the roles they need to fill to reverse recruiters. 

Expand Your Resource Bandwidth

Access to vast candidate databases naturally plays a significant role in the life of a recruiter. Sometimes, it all comes down to how fast you can expand your resources to pull in new candidate databases. 

That’s where strategic partnerships come in, increasing the depth of your resources.  

Take, for example, third-party recruiting agencies. They generally work with multiple companies, seeking to fill numerous roles simultaneously. So, constantly expanding resources is of great importance to them. 

Reverse recruiters can be one such beneficial partnership for recruiting and staffing agencies. Agencies usually deal with a high volume of open positions. Having that bit of help from reverse recruiters could be a game-changer.

The same is true for reverse recruiters. The high volume of openings offered by agencies will likely make finding suitable positions for clients a quicker process. 

Offer Valuable Insights

Traditional recruiters do not have much time to invest in priming candidates for a role before the interview. But a collaborative approach with reverse recruiters can solve this problem. 

Recruiters can send insider insights, interview tips, and company expectations, which can help reverse recruiters better prepare clients to nail the interview with that company. 

This is mutually beneficial because if the client is a great fit and does well, that’s a fill for the recruiter. It can also help reverse recruiters prepare future clients that my interview for the same company. 

Along the same lines, traditional recruiters can also shed more light on the details of the position, organization culture, and other insights you can’t always get from reading a job description. 

Reverse recruiters can ensure they’re looking for the perfect fit while connecting clients with traditional recruiters. This will potentially speed up the process, which is always great in the recruitment world!

Expanding Your Networking

Building relationships between traditional and reverse recruiters means access to a more extensive professional network for both groups. The more connections in a network, the easier it will be to fill roles and get jobs. 

On top of that, these helpful connections between a reverse recruiter and a recruiter can open up new horizons for further networking potential.

The Mutual Benefits of Working Together 

Traditional recruiters have roles to fill, and reverse recruiters have candidates to offer. A partnership between these two types of recruiters is simply a no-brainer. 

Not only can they help each other do their jobs faster and more efficiently, but they can also be a source of resources and insights for each other. 

As a recruiter, whenever you get a chance to connect with a reverse recruiter, you should make the most out of the opportunity. If maintained, this relationship can be beneficial for both parties! 


Melissa Carigan is a Reverse Recruiter at Find My Profession.


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Melissa Carigan has several years of experience in talent acquisition and college recruitment. She is currently managing job searches for senior or executive professionals through the Career Finder Service as a Reverse Recruiter at Find My Profession.