JobLander’s Infographic App Helps Resumes Shine

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NewsRecruiters and staffing firms seeking to make their job candidates shine will benefit from a unique app from JobLander that showcases work experience and education by using an innovative infographic. With massive numbers of resumes pouring in for just one job opening, utilizing this creative app in a resume could be the edge needed to rise above the crowd.

JobLander benefits both recruiters and job candidates and is currently discussing strategic partnership with recruiting firms to offer help in the competitive job market. The app creates a colorful infographic style graphic that can be pasted right into a resume document  that showcases work experiences, achievements, and education.

According to GP Miller of SparkRiver, “JobLander is a perfect fit for a professional recruiter looking to make their candidates’ resumes stand out in this impossibly competitive job market. As a strategic partner, a recruiter could have the ability to brand the app as their own. Using the app will not only make applicants stand out; it will also make the recruiter’s company stand out as innovative and forward thinking.” JobLander is available in the iTunes Apps store for iPhone and iPad. For more information, visit 

By Rachel Lorinda