Make Resumes Stand Out with JobLander

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NewsWith at least thirteen million Americans unemployed and with stiff competition for each job out there, an iPhone app called JobLander is doing its best to help.  JobLander is an application for the iPhone that takes an ordinary resume and utilizes creative infographics to make it shine.  Users can download the app and watch their resume transform right before their eyes.

The app does this by using customizable infographics, which turns rather boring data into brilliant graphics representing education and work experience.  With the stiff competition in today’s job market, utilizing such an out-of-the-box idea gives you an advantage over the other 99% of people who use traditional resumes.

It is no secret that today’s HR professionals are looking for those who stand out of the crowd. It is not uncommon for over 100 resumes to pour in for one advertised job, making the job selection difficult.  Of course, education and work experiences are important, but going the extra mile to utilize an infographic to add flair to a resume speaks volumes.  It shouts uniqueness, creativity, drive, and good old-fashioned guts.

Currently, with the economy still in a lull, JobLander is waiving the usual $2.99 fee and is available free for a limited time.  It is available for the iPhone and the iPad as well.  Take full advantage of this free app and watch your resume go from drab to fab! If you’d like to find out more about this app, go to

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