Power Rangers Creator Inspires Office Productivity iPad App

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techieThe newly released Office Bleepster 1.2 for iPad, inspired by Power Rangers creator Haim Saban, seeks to make it possible for executives to more efficiently and respectably hand phone and office interruptions through silent interaction with assistants. The app itself transforms an iPad into a two-way Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communicator. The program includes over 25 pre-loaded instant messages representing questions and replies plus 30 notification sounds with customization options.

Interactions between an executive and an assistant using the program are intended to be a simple exchange of button presses, with one end sending a message and the other end replying with the push of one of the pre-defined buttons. The idea is to keep these interactions as undetectable as possible. Longer text messages are also possible with Office Bleepster for communications requiring further specificity.

Through this functionality, Office Bleepster avoids jarring interruptions, provides fast and secure messaging, and reduces the time necessary to exchange information. Each user of the program is assigned as either an “executive” or an “assistant” and is presented with a screen that is relevant to that role. Office Bleepster is designed to primarily function within Bluetooth range but also accommodates usage on a Wi-Fi network.

Creator of Office Bleepster, Paul Brooks, comments on the inspiration behind the creation of the app, “During several days in his office, negotiating a deal for a kids’ animated television series, I was amazed at how effectively Haim handled routine phone and office interruptions,” Brooks explains. “He was an orchestra conductor in his office, seamlessly dealing with multiple issues and dynamics at a very high level and that really became the inspiration to develop Office Bleepster,” Brooks continues. “Behind Haim’s magic was a series of amazing electronic devices on his desk that allowed him to quietly interact with his assistants. If he wanted coffee, it magically appeared! If our meeting was over, an assistant entered the office to explain that Haim was needed in another meeting,”

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Rachel, writer for Recruiter.com, has graduate level work in literature and currently works in university administration.