Randstad Survey Reveals Top 5 Ways Companies Can Help Advance Women

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graph with magnifying glassRandstad recently released its US Employee Engagement Index study where it asked more than 2,000 adults about the top ways their companies can best help women advance to leadership levels. The top five ways a company can help working women are:

1. Offer equal pay: women (49%) men (37%)

2. Have more women in leadership positions: women (34%) men (31%)

3. More family-friendly work policies: women (31%) (men 26%)

4. Increase of leadership development programs for women: women (25%) men (24%)

5. Greater flexibility in terms of scheduling/telecommuting: women (28 %) men (20%)

“With nearly one billion women poised to enter the global economy in the coming decade, and representing the majority of college and advanced degree holders, employers will be increasingly reliant upon women in the workplace to drive innovation and corporate success,” said Lisa Crawford, senior vice president, Randstad US. “In order to compete in the growing war for female talent in the years ahead, companies that encourage the development and attainment of leadership positions equitably will be well-positioned in their recruitment efforts. The pursuit of leadership rank is a universal aspiration, and therefore organizations that help their workforce achieve those goals, regardless of gender, will emerge successful.”

Respondents also weighed in on other workplace topics related to women and engagement. Key findings included:

  • 67 percent of total respondents strongly/somewhat agree with the statement, “By 2020, I expect there to be many more women in leadership positions in my company or organization.”
  • 76 percent of women reported that whether or not a company “has women in positions of leadership” is important when deciding to work for an organization
  • 42 percent of men compared to 34 percent of women are likely to search for a job in a different company in the next 6 months,
  • Just 46 percent of women expect to have to switch employers to grow their careers, compared to 56 percent of men

By Shala Marks