Reference Check Software Available Free for 3 Months

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NewsERC Dataplus, a leading provider of integrated recruitment solutions and talent surveys, has recently announced their new Selectech 360 reference check software system will be made available to all customers free-of-charge. The offer extends to both preexisting clients and new users for the first 3 months of use.

The reference check software module streamlines the reference process for both HR administrators and the job candidate’s managers and colleagues. Instead of clumsily chasing after references by phone, the Selectech 360 reference check system allows hiring managers to automatically generate a list of role specific reference questions and simply send a link by email to the candidate. The candidate then forwards the link to the necessary recipients. The chosen references need only to open the link and answer the questions – saving HR countless hours of tiresome phone tag and availability catch up.

“We are confident the Selectech 360 Reference Check will impact the efficiency of our clients,” says ERC Dataplus President Peter Clarke. “That is why we are offering new users the first three months for free.”

The solution allows participants to answer using both standardized and open-ended responses. The reference check software also decreases liability and claims of negligent hiring because the system is largely automated and provides consistency to all candidates under consideration. The system automatically requests that references are returned within three business days, and sends a cordial reminders each day to respondents until the survey reaches completion. Selectech 360 reference check also features reporting functionality so that HR is always kept up to date on the progress of each candidate profile.

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