Salary Data Provider Offers LinkedIn Users Immediate Access to Salary Reports

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salary treePayScale’s new Instant Salary Report app allows users to sign in under their LinkedIn account in order to gain a better understanding of their true value in the job market. It should be useful when negotiating salary or finding market rates for particular jobs. Using LinkedIn’s Application Programming Interface, the application allows LinkedIn members to first log into the PayScale website using their LinkedIn log-in information and then access a salary report showing what comparable professionals are earning.

“Knowledge is power. The PayScale Instant Salary Report will give you a general idea of whether your current salary is in the correct range. It’s as simple as clicking a button to import your job information from LinkedIn.” said Mike Metzger, CEO of PayScale.

Relevant data, such as job title, industry, employer, location, and years of experience, is migrated from LinkedIn to PayScale to instantly create an accurate salary report. An even more accurate report is available upon completion of the optional full-length PayScale salary survey.

Metzger continues, “Before taking action on this information, we recommend filling out the full PayScale survey for the most accurate picture of your market value. Once you know what you’re worth, it’s easier to make a case for a raise at your current company, if that’s what the data suggests. The data may also reveal that you’re worth a whole lot more than your company will ever be willing to pay, which may indicate that searching for a new opportunity is in your best interest. Other times, simply knowing that you are being paid pretty fairly may provide peace of mind.”

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