SelectUSA Entices Businesses to Move Back to the U.S.

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newsThere’s a lot of talk about job creation.  Job creation sounds great.  Hopefully, lots of innovative people are working on developing some new ways to get things done and improve the quality of life for everyone.

That said, there are a lot of jobs that have already been envisioned and put into place but then have been escorted away from the United States.  Among the plans to improve the economy in the U.S. depends on some of those jobs moving back to the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Commerce is taking some steps to encourage businesses to return to this country.  Secretary Gary Locke has announced the first coordinated federal effort to aggressively pursue and win new business investment in the United States.  This new project is called SelectUSA.

SelectUSA will help on the state level, helping states to address federal “red tape” issues through a new interagency investment facilitation task force.  They will also widely promote the idea that the United States is a superior place to set up shop. They will also maintain a clear web portal reachable at  This website will help companies to understand all of the information on resources available to them if they return their businesses to the United States.

Nancy McLernon, President and CEO of the Organization for International Investment, is confident about the importance of this new program.  “The U.S. subsidiaries of global companies employ more than 5 million Americans—and if ever there was a time to aggressively market the U.S. as a place to do business, the time is now.”

By Marie Larsen