A Sign of Green Jobs to Come?

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news Back away from that nozzle!  Expect a fleet of Ford Motor Company’s first all-electric passenger cars in 2013.  These cars won’t need a drop of gasoline and won’t emit any of carbon dioxide.  This new model will be called Focus Electric. Green jobs have been promised for some time. This new development may be one indicator that green job opportunities are becoming real.

The car can completely recharge in one’s home in three or four hours, about the same amount of time it seems to take to cook garbanzo beans.  The Focus Electric will be made in the United States by the autoworkers of Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, a plant powered largely by solar energy.

As news about economic blight in Michigan fills the news, the announcement of this innovative project in Wayne, Michigan seems like a harbinger of good things to come. It is probably too soon for most recruiters to jump into “green jobs” or “green recruiting,” but specialized positions in electric and solar powered technology represent great opportunity. Recruiters who regularly work in the manufacturing or auto industries should take note of the trend of green jobs, and perhaps begin to build their databases with specialized candidates.

By Marie Larsen