TalentKick Offers Web-Based Workforce Management and Staffing Services

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pie chartFull-service staffing agency Alliance Solutions Group is now offering enhanced management services with its TalentKick Workforce solutions unit. TalentKick provides workforce management consulting and staffing services plus more predictable results from workforce sourcing, hiring, and management through its web-based, vendor-neutral, e-procurement application.

“Staffing management requires the right systems, the right values and the right talent to build a quality workforce. And while it may not be simple, it’s a management process that can be improved,” explained Aaron Grossman, president and CEO of Alliance Solutions Group. “With TalentKick, we’ll transform an organization’s entire staffing and recruitment process into one simpler, stronger system that’s easier to manage and requires fewer resources. The results are higher quality candidates, a greater impact on the organization, and a more powerful approach to staffing management.”

TalentKick Workforce Solutions improves recruitment and talent retention through allowing companies to:

• Identify top performing sourcing firms and bring those levels to other staffing vendors.

• Eliminates separate agreements, cost levels, and business practices for companies with multiple divisions and/or departments. Vendors use a single portal unifying all programs into a common environment.

• Reduce labor spending and simplify practices with efficient forecasting tools for better controlling current and future spending.

• Improve a recruitment program by unifying metrics and management and identifying best practices that finds the best candidates and delivers the highest staffing performance for the company.

Additional information about TalentKick Workforce Solutions can be found at the products website.


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