Technical Recruiter

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checkBest Practices for the Technical Recruiter

Technical recruiters, sometimes called IT or technology recruiters, are focused on technical industries like IT or engineering, matching up the brightest talents in technology fields with the companies that need their expertise. A technical recruiter will have contacts in technology industries and may also know a bit about computer software themselves. For recruiters who are looking to specialize in technical fields, there are many best practices that can make them successful.

Learn About Technology

While you don’t have to be a computer whiz to be a technical recruiter, you will get more respect from both clients and candidates if you have at least a cursory knowledge of their fields. If you are completely clueless about technology, you need to get up to speed in order to work with companies that use technology and candidates who work with technology every day. Reading about technical issues will help, but you can also ask your technical contacts for help choosing recruiting software or talk to your client’s or firm’s IT department to find out how your software works. Everyone learns better when they can see how concepts are applied, so learning on your own recruiter software can be a great way to get some technical knowledge.

Grow Your Tech Network

Every recruiter needs a good business network to pull candidates from, but as you begin to narrow your focus to specific industries, your network needs to get more focused as well. In order to find more technical candidates, get referrals from existing contacts in technical industries. Ask them what conferences they are attending, then maybe attend a few yourself. Visit local colleges that train in technical fields to find fresh talent, and look for trade organizations for technical professionals. Take all the advice for growing your network and apply it to technical industries.

Research Your Industries

Because technical positions can be, well, technical, it’s important for a technical recruiter to have a thorough knowledge of the various positions they will be sourcing candidates for. While some of this knowledge can be gained through experience, recruiters that are looking to focus in technology recruiting should learn as much as they can about the pay structures, job titles and common management structures used in these industries as quickly as possible. To find out about these sort of things, recruiters can talk to their technical candidates as well as their clients.

Find Talent on the Web

Many technical candidates network with each other using the Internet, so a recruiter who wants to source technical talent needs to go where the candidates are. Tech recruiters should post jobs on user groups for technical subjects, use online social networking to connect with candidates, as well as sponsor ads on commonly used technology websites and search engines.

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