Top 15 Online Recruiting Resources: The Complete Guide

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laptop computer with internet openWhether the job market is slow or booming, unemployment rate is low or high, or companies growing or downsizing, a recruiter’s job never ends.

Companies are always looking for fresh and talented candidates and most turn to recruiters to get the job done. And nowadays, word-of-mouth can only do so much. Today’s recruiters know that online recruitment is the norm, which not only opens up the talent pool exponentially, but also provides a wealth of resources that can help with recruitment efforts.

Whether you are looking for that perfect candidate, information on a growing trend, or tools to help manage your daily tasks, these online recruiting resources will help get the job done. offers two powerful resources for recruiters – an extensive library of information and a service that builds a career site for you to help manage your candidates and jobs.


LinkedIn is not new to the recruitment scene, but it is a leading recruitment resource. Many users are on the network looking for jobs, while others are there to build their own professional network – giving recruiters the opportunity to sift through third party connections.

The Ladders Employer Insights

The Ladders started as a high earner job match site, and while it has expanded to include mid-level jobs, it still aims to serve highly driven, career-oriented candidates and recruiters. In addition to job matching, it provides great advice to recruiters and HR professional through its Employer Insights.

Flazingo Interview Guide

Flazingo’s Interview Guide makes interviewing easier by providing an interview guide based on competencies that you provide. Rated the #1 free recruiting tool, this resource will save time and frustration if you spend your days recruiting and interviewing for a variety of positions.

Talent HQ

Talent HQ has a great blog that provides very cutting-edge information on topics like mobile and social recruiting.


Onrec provides information on all things recruitment that you can receive in the form of daily newsletters. One thing that differentiates Onrec from other online recruitment resources is that it provides information on current events, news, and statistics that relate to recruitment and the job market.

Jobvite has made a name for itself in the recruiting world by providing regular reports on recruiting and employment trends.  It also offers great eBooks on recruitment and hiring tips and practices.


CareerBuilder is possibly the most well-known job matching portal, so it’s important for recruiters to actively check in to the platform for one big, obvious reason: it is the first place most candidates will check out when looking for a new job.
Smart Recruiters

Smart Recruiters is another amazing company that provides a slew of resources useful to recruiters. Their blog has easy-to-digest information that is both fun to read and practical and they offer assessment tools that give you a way to test and compare your candidates.
LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is LinkedIn’s add-on recruitment tool that supercharges the already powerful network and gives you new abilities to manage your connections with tools that enable organizing, reminders, and extended contact abilities.

In today’s market, there is no reason to narrow your applicant search to a geographical area. Some candidates are willing to move and some employers are willing to allow telecommuting. Even if your candidates need to be local, Skype will provide the ability to hold a face-to-face interview at any time, anywhere. What’s better is that it is free and easy to use, so you can count on your candidates figuring it out.

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is a great source of recruiting news, advice, and success (or failure) stories to learn from. It also has a variety of categories, so you can focus on specific topics of interest.

Bullhorn is recruitment software that makes it easy to manage all of your candidates with a number of other bells and whistles geared specifically toward recruiters. It will generate reports, help manage your social media recruiting efforts, and locate qualified candidates.
Staffing Talk

Staffing Talk is a great resource for the truly dedicated recruiter. Everyday, Staffing Talk briefs its readers on anything and everything that has happened in the staffing and recruitment industry from new tools and resources to political changes affecting employers. has possibly the most extensive library of free resources, from whitepapers and reports to eBooks and blog articles. Search on any recruitment topic and you will find enough reading material to last you a month.

As a recruiter, you probably realized early on that recruitment is not just a job, it is a career that is constantly evolving. Utilizing these tools will help hone your skills so you can find the perfect candidate you’ve been searching for.

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