Provides Free Digital Tablets and 3D Center for Laid Off Workers

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Loading is now providing employer’s displaced workforce with six months access to a 3D Virtual Outplacement Center designed to improve career transitions. Owned by Career Communications, Inc. the new digital outplacement service provides job and career information to employees to assist them in finding another job quickly.

Aimed at employers and human resource professionals who lay employees off, the virtual outplacement center has more than 6,000 pages of digital career information, including video clips providing career and life guidance. According to Steve Wood, Founder and President of Career Communications, “When we developed we set out to radically change the way outplacement services are purchased and delivered in today’s digital world.”

Along with six months free access to the 3D center, employees will also receive a free digital tablet upon registration. Other key features include outplacement that is self-directed, an outplacement voucher purchase system, and a universal flat-fee pricing at $695 per employee.

Career Communications, Inc. has been a leading provider of outplacement information services and innovative career technology since 1987. With the high number of layoffs in the past few years, was created to help employers save money while providing displaced employees with innovative career transition services.

For more information and a free trial for employers, visit or contact Career Communications, Inc. Phone: 215.256.3130

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