Web-Hosting Provider Fasthosts Argues Why Smaller Businesses Should Work Closely with Tech Suppliers

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newsNew research from Fasthosts has revealed that nearly half (48 percent) of smaller firms make technology purchases while lacking understanding of how the technology will be used or if the purchase is necessary. Out of the nearly 800 small firms surveyed, one-third reported that implementing new technology such as software upgrades, tablets, and smartphones failed to noticeably improve efficiency, and only one-fourth of small business employees query IT professionals for technology advice or troubleshooting. Perhaps more striking is that only 10 percent of firms that are disappointed in the impact of new technology on performance ever approach the supplier for help. The study has successfully shown the need for businesses to work with suppliers to ensure the relevancy of technology purchases and by fully evaluating particular technology needs early in the purchasing process.

The research showed that many businesses struggle with the process of purchasing and implementing technology into their workplaces, despite the fact that the vast majority remain excited about the possibilities the new technology brings. Over one-third (35 percent) of surveyed firms reported that their most recent purchases have either failed to improve work efficiencies or has led to longer work hours. Additionally, only about 40 percent of small firms how found using technology to be enjoyable while 20 percent of respondents reported actually being frightened of new technology. However, 48 percent did report improved performance through technology.

Stephen Holford, Marketing Director at Fasthosts, stated, “It is vital to plan technology investments properly, working with suppliers to ensure the correct systems are purchased to address the required needs. Knowledge is often the key, so contact suppliers to ask for advice, guidelines, case studies or examples of best-practice usage before an investment and on an on-going basis.”

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