Will 2017 Be the Year You Finally Upgrade Your ATS? [Infographic]

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Are you happy with your applicant tracking system? According to a new infographic from talent management software company ClearCompany, the answer is probably “no.”

It turns out that 64 percent of recruiting and HR pros are dissatisfied with their ATSs or planning to switch to another solution. That’s because many ATSs fail to deliver on the basic promise of screening talent so that only the best people come to your attention. In fact, 62 percent of employers say there is a good chance their ATS is filtering out highly qualified candidates, causing them to lose out on top talent.

If you’re one of many hiring professionals who is sick of their busted ATS, check out ClearCompany’s infographic below. It offers plenty of information on what you should be looking for in a new ATS when you decide to finally pull the trigger and ditch your old, unreliable system:


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Matthew Kosinski is the former managing editor of Recruiter.com.