Workboard Helps Distributed Teams Achieve Goals with Productivity iPhone App

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App helps distributed teams reach goalsWorkboard Inc., a provider of management, teamwork and leadership solutions, has released the latest version of its iPhone app. The mobile app is built for Workboard users to easily communicate by sharing and prioritizing goals, collaborate on action items and track work through completion. Workboard is a web-based application used by to share priorities, action items and feedback, and to automate weekly status reports and scorecards.

“Unlike startups, enterprise teams are large, distributed and matrixed organizations. Most are handicapped with antiquated productivity tools where actions and deliverables are tracked in Microsoft Excel, dashboards and progress reports are created in PowerPoint, documents are parked in SharePoint, and the discussion on status and ownership happens in email,” said Deidre Paknad, CEO and co-founder at Workboard. “Workboard’s new iPhone app provides instant visibility on the status of deliverables, the discussion and related documents so teams get vastly greater efficiency with less effort.”

The updated iPhone app includes new features including:

  • A revamped user interface for ease of use. Filter and sort by workstream, priority, status, RAG rating and due date. Zoom in on your action items or the ones that have been delegated.
  • Workboard sends a status ping to an action item owner, requiring no typing, to get an update from team members.
  • Receive instant, actionable alerts when comments are left for a piece of work, actions have been assigned, items are completed or delegated, or attachments are added.
  • Quick organization of the mobile dashboard for tracking work on the go.

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