Construction Recruitment

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Construction recruitment-the recruitment of personnel for construction projects or companies-can take various forms, including the recruitment of temporary personnel for a single project, or the hiring of permanent staff, e.g., for a construction company, rather than for others requiring the services of a construction company.

Ideally, a project requiring fully outsourced staff will be vertically and horizontally integrated in its selection of personnel-i.e., will fill positions ranked from highest to lowest, in terms of authority, responsibility, expertise, etc., and also fill all positions at a given level, e.g., carpenter, electrician and plumber, as comparable co-dependent tradesmen.

When the work is temporary, it is absolutely essential that the "boots on the ground" be able to land on their feet at the commencement of the project. Being able to select companies or individuals who can do that is perhaps among the greatest challenges of construction recruitment.

Working with a construction recruitment agency in securing project-based talent helps circumvent the long-term cost of employing, laying-off, and then re-employing skilled workers. When the recruitment is comprehensive, it also diminishes the logistical load and risks associated with recruiting, compensating, insuring and safe-guarding a skilled workforce. Construction recruiters can, among other things, ensure that HR functions such as payroll and benefits administration, unemployment and health insurance, workers compensation and other employment costs can be taken care of for the client.

It is worthwhile to determine whether a given construction recruiter can also secure essential materials, equipment, machinery and tools, and ensure that these are well-matched with the capabilities and understanding of the project workers. After all, powerful machinery in the wrong or unprepared hands can spell "disaster". Whether these additional services or others, e.g., services of inspectors or estimators, are bundled with a construction recruiter package, they are, by and large, essential to project success.

Construction recruiting companies can help meet the needs and requirements of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building projects, or provide the most specialized services for just a specific form of construction, e.g., prefabricated structures-including materials, equipment, labor and guidance regarding ordinances, regulations, etc.

Quality construction recruitment services will also offer detailed tool and equipment inventories, skill assessments, practical testing of key trades, safety orientation and training, and pre-employment drug and criminal-background screening.

Construction recruitment is a global business-in three senses: Like moving and shipping companies, local construction recruitment companies or agents can be found in virtually every region of the globe, whereas larger general recruitment or specialist agencies, or companies that use construction recruiters, can have clients and/or branches around the globe.
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