Resume Builder

As assistance in creating a resume, numerous "resume builders" are available online, many through premiere services such as LinkedIn and Google. Although displayed as "Resume Builder", that name is generic and comparable to "resume template". There are countless versions to choose from, given that there are more than 2 million returns from a Google search for "resume builder".

The features vary, but can include, the LinkedIn and Google builders do, editing, sharing and PDF downloading capabilities. A key marketing pitch is the convertibility of social media profiles to professional resumes-an important feature at a time when the boundaries between career and personal social life are being increasingly blurred.
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Finding resources to aid in the process of building a resume is as easy as jumping onto the Internet. Several free online resume builder resources exist to give you step-by-step instructions on how to structure, word, and present your resume for the greatest impact on an employer. Websites such as,, and offer multiple professional resume templates, proofreaders, and tips to tweak the document to best represent you in the job market.

"Shop around" to find the builder with the features and customization capabilities you want. These can include hide/display and reorganization functions that allow you to modify your resume for each job application and tailor it to the job. Offerings include a choice among functional, chronological, chrono-functional, military transition, recent graduate and other resume formats; immediate importing of the resume to the Web; secure encryption; anonymization features; a glossary of phrase selections for text; advice and tips; spell checkers; sample resumes; choice of fonts and layout styles; graphics and photo uploads; exporting to ".txt" files; language choices (e.g., German, Japanese); color selections; resume builder updates-and many more.

Even if you've been satisfied and successful with past resumes, it will probably be worthwhile to investigate resume builders, if only to keep abreast of changing standards and "value-added" features that can expand your reach, refine your presentation, or add new dimensions and capabilities.