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A resume database is like a savannah watering hole where job hunters and head hunters gather, like gazelles and lions, to slake their thirst for jobs and employees. And just like a watering hole, they may in some instances attract only one group or the other: Some resume databases double as job boards, allowing employers to be searched while they are searching and job seekers to job shop while being scouted.

What is innovative about resume databases as compared to pre-Internet resume submission is that they feature not only the element of free posting without submission to a specific employer, akin to "job wanted ads" of yore, but also aggregate them on a scale and with search functionality, updating capabilities and audio-visual media supplementation that traditional hard-copy media, such as newspaper ads, were never capable of.

Resume databases provide an additional job/internship search resource for job seekers, allowing them to post their resumes. Often overlooked as a primary recruiting tool (since most companies tend to advertise first), a first-rate resume database can present employers with several qualified candidates in an instant.

Here are some tricks on how to navigate them without getting overwhelmed. Websites like invite job seekers to post resumes, and although there are many resumes, the quality is often suspect. As great and free as those sites are, data mining activities and scams run rampant on these unrestricted sites. Be careful not to inadvertently expose yourself or your company.

The best job boards tend to have the best resumes. Passive job seekers-those candidates who may be currently employed but are "passively" searching may only update their resume once a year. It is important to look at a wide variety of resumes, not just the most currently posted.

Post specific jobs not just job titles. A job title like "Project Manager" has a very different meaning in construction from what it does in IT, for example, and can be unproductive and maddening to search. The resume database is the ideal tool to uncover candidates with the exact skills needed. When contacting a potential great candidate, provide clear details about the company and the opportunity and do not be afraid to follow up a second time.
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