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More important than your resume format are your professional connections and reputation among your colleagues. Resumes references can be the key to demonstrate a strong history of success and have a better chance at getting through to the interview.

Resume references deal with filing statements from colleagues who can vouch for your productivity and refer you to future recruiters and employers. The importance of solid references cannot be overstated. An employee appraisal can contribute to high designation, high salary and benefit other allowances in terms of incentives. Therefore, after you prepare your resume, evaluate your reference column or separate cover letter with references and check from a recruiter's point of view whether these references point to the precise requirements of the job opportunity to which you are applying.

An employee's good conduct and work ethic secures the opportunity of a positive reference from an ex-boss. This in turn holds the employee in high regard and enhances his/her image as a desirable employee. Therefore, solid references are a must have in the resume or reference-able later on in the hiring process. New graduates without professional references should be sure to make available academic or community references.

Your reference source should contain all important information, including company name, designation and period of service of the referrer, period that the person has worked with you, his personal comments on your skills and managerial abilities etc. In case you have a long reference list, is it better to include the positive and most inspiring comments that you have received. However keep a track of the sequence of employment reference and mention in a reverse format: from the recent to the old. Providing the contact number/address of such a guarantor is also important. This authenticates the source of information. Resume references therefore can qualify you as a suitable hard working employee and are thus a highly important element of the job application process.
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