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Recruitment Process Outsources or RPO is a type of recruitment solution designed to reduce costs, produce efficiency, and raise the standard of talent across an enterprise.

RPO can be defined as the as the a framework within which a staffing and/or recruitment vendor manages the recruitment life-cycle for an organization or company starting from job profiling to taking new employees to the project site, and it also includes all required methods and reporting. Basically recruitment process outsourcing saves a company's time and helps to find top quality talent. At the same time it is also cost-effective for that company. With Recruitment Process Outsourcing, it becomes easier for an organization to fulfill its recruitment agreements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be regarded as an outsourcing business through which an employer transfers part or full recruitment processes to an external provider. That means the main company is taking the help of a third party to manage its recruitment process. In that case the RPO provider can use its own staff, technology and methodology or it can work in concert with others. RPO and other providers are not interchangeable conceptually and operationally. RPO differs from other providers in that it owns the design and management of recruitment processes and outcomes, including publication of results.

If the process involves occasional hiring such as temporary recruitment, it is more likely to involve co-sourcing or PEO services. The main difference between RPO and other staffing is in the ownership of processes they apply. In the case of co-sourcing, the ownership of the process remains with the organization. But in the pure RPO process, the provider is the sole proprietor, e.g., in rapid recruitment processes where the organization is acutely short-staffed on the HR end. In such scenarios, RPO can be a great solution for getting the best results.
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