Social Recruiting Software Resources

Social recruiting is a new and necessary function for online recruitment software to deliver. Social recruiting software typically manages the posting and sharing of career opportunities across social networks, and often delivers metrics about social recruitment channels.
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Social recruiting software delivers functionality for recruiters to post jobs and recruit through social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Oftentimes, the recruitment software provides functionality that is available natively on the social platforms (such as sharing updates and open jobs), but overlays an additional layer of metrics and timing functionality.

Many applicant tracking system providers have added a social recruiting capability to their systems; some have embedded social capacity deep into their applicant database, with current candidate status and profiles available inside the resume database. Recruiters can now expect social recruiting functions to be part of most sophisticated online recruitment and applicant tracking software. Other technology firms have created an entire social recruitment platform, that differentiate themselves by a focused social approach, enhanced native social capabilities, and deep and/or proprietary access to social networks.