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Among larger employers, the resume search aspect of the recruitment process is sometimes delegated to specialized recruiters. Sourcing professionals specialize in finding resumes through online recruiting and advanced use of search engines.

Tenured sourcers also add value to organizations by building competitive intelligence, creating lists for future hiring, generating referrals, and mapping out local and industry hiring demand and compensation. Additionally, sourcing professionals will often consult with employers to reduce recruitment costs and design and implement efficient recruitment tactics.

Sourcing refers to finding job candidates through use of recruiting techniques. The critical step of discovering candidates is performed by either an internal recruiter, agency, or a designated sourcing professional (referred to as a sourcer).

Candidate sourcing activity usually ends when all of the information for a potential employee is received by the candidate sourcer. To further develop potential employees, companies will sometimes have a second person contact the people on the list to pre-screen the candidate based on the job requirements and determination of the candidate interest level in hearing about new job opportunities. This is called "candidate profiling" or "candidate pre-screening".

Websites specifically used for candidate sourcing include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, internal ATS/CRM systems, ZoomInfo, Google, and large job boards, such as Monster, Careerbuilder and Indeed. Networking is a primary tool of an aggressive recruiter; each contact should be considered a network node that links a network of related contacts. Sourcing professionals use one contact as leverage to discover the list of related industry contacts. By doing this, sourcers generate large lists of potential candidates for which to further profile and interview.
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