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Staffing firms typically source candidates for temporary and hourly roles, as well as placing people on a direct hire basis. The unique processes for staffing firms has led to the development of specialized recruitment software meant especially for temporary and staffing recruiters.

The unique needs of staffing and employment services companies require very particular functions in software. Staffing software typically manages the entire recruitment and labor process, from sourcing of the candidate to the payroll management of the consultant. Some of the features unique to staffing software are typically the ability to calculate insurance and overhead costs, keep track of consultant hours, calculate VMO and other vendor fees, and manage disparate payroll and other back-end systems. In general, software for staffing companies is provided for on a SaaS basis from specialized software companies such as Bullhorn or TempWorks.

Staffing software is an applicant tracking and management tool designed specifically for use in the temporary staffing, or temp agency, market. In addition to performing the duties of applicant tracking, resume organization and storage, and automated job postings, this type of application works as a software-based human resources department including payroll functions. The software also links temporary employees to suitable job requests and determines the appropriate pay rate.

The software creates weekly records listing number of hours worked and money earned by each active employee. This financial information is then used to create and print paychecks, invoices, and other miscellaneous expenditures (such as parking fees and miles driven) which can then be charged to the appropriate party. In addition, this specialized software can function to automate job distribution, spending management, and worker evaluation.

From the initial screening process through employee separation, the software works to streamline the hiring and distribution of temporary subcontractors and grant users complete control over vital business processes. Modern programs offer a host of additional bells and whistles such as email integration, pre-hire assessments, and multiple implementation schemes. Indeed, most software packages are scalable and able to accommodate the demands of a single office or hundreds of offices.

Each business gets to choose its level of involvement with the utilization and maintenance of the software. Depending on the chosen set-up, a company may choose to own and maintain both the necessary hardware and staffing software on its own, subscribe to the software and rent the hardware but defer maintenance to the provider on-site, or own the hardware and software but choose to have it managed and maintained by the provider off-site.
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    With an estimated 40% of the U.S. workforce, including those forced to find work below their previous middle-class occupations or expectations, now holding down "temporary" or otherwise "contingent" jobs, i.e., truly temporary, part-time, short-term contract or permanently "temporary", temporary staffing software is almost certain to become a permanent and more pervasive tool of employee management.

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