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With an estimated 40% of the U.S. workforce, including those forced to find work below their previous middle-class occupations or expectations, now holding down "temporary" or otherwise "contingent" jobs, i.e., truly temporary, part-time, short-term contract or permanently "temporary", temporary staffing software is almost certain to become a permanent and more pervasive tool of employee management. Although distinct from strictly temporary workers, in the part-time workforce there will be those who regard their part-time work as temporary.

As is the case with most other software applications, management operations that would otherwise become harder with increases in operational complexity or size become easier. A workforce broad mix of temporary workers who become de facto permanent and those who are only temporarily temporary, in virtue of finding something better, defines a spectrum of employees more easily tracked and managed by temporary staffing software. To the degree that any such software application allows for aggregating data, it facilitates identification of patterns and trends, while permitting a greater degree of extrapolation than tradition or informal anecdotal reporting.

Temporary staffing software can be used to properly and efficiently manage temporary staff that organizations hire. In some organizations, the number of temporary workers may be large, while other organizations may have temporary workers who simply trickle in. Software can be an extremely useful tool for monitoring employees, especially temporary staff. Temporary employees have an employee structure that is different from the structure associated with full-time employees and this requires a focused approach in terms of handling details that are specific to temporary workers. In staffing agencies and employment agencies, the influx of temporary workers can be quite substantial. Due to the temporary nature of assignments, turnover rates for temporary positions can also be quite dynamic.

Particularly in temporary staffing agencies, a significant percentage of workers can simultaneously exit assignments at different locations simply as a result of the temporary contract coming to a close. With such activities, sorting out all the details and information without the help of software can be problematic and challenging. Temporary staffing software can also be used to organize information about qualified temporary workers who are ready to accept new assignments as needed.

Without such tracking systems that record all relevant information, it would become almost impossible to conduct efficient monitoring of temporary staff, especially in organizations that have a high number of temporary workers. These types of software also help to automate many of the processes associated with temporary staff, including payroll operations and other day-to-day activities. With proper software management, recruiters can properly manage their time and the time of temporary workers with whom they deal.
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