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To create a healthier and more vibrant workplace, many leading organizations are building health and wellness programs into their benefits packages. In addition, they are paying special attention to stress management and mental health issues and providing resources for employees. Outsourced providers of wellness programs, as well as technology and private social network platforms, have also popularized the practice of incorporating wellness and health into HR policies and practices.

Common sense, science and philosophy all suggest that doing well (like doing good) is well served by being well. Although many large scale undertakings have been fueled by or despite mental or physical illness, e.g., the lunatic excesses of Caligula and the great statesmanship of wheelchair-confined FDR, performance at any level and in any role is only enhanced by well-being, which should be understood as involving the soundness of one's ends as well as of one's mind and body.

Well-Being is defined as a good or satisfactory condition of existence characterized by health, happiness, and adequate material resources and circumstances. Within a business or organization, this is directly related to the atmosphere and culture of the company as set forth and monitored by the executives, managers, and human resource staff. The well-being of the employees in a company will have a direct and important effect on the retention rate of the company. This in turn has a direct correlation to the bottom line and growth rate of the business.

Ensuring the positive attitude and happiness or satisfaction of a company's employees is the goal of an effective set of strategies that include talent management, retention practices, culture and behavioral goals, and effective communication at and from all levels of the organization. This is an overarching strategy and goal rather than a specific set of actions, and must be looked at and analyzed from many angles if it is to be effective and result in a workforce that is content and eager to align with and enforce the goals and mission of the company.

To strengthen the health, happiness, and prosperity of employees requires ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment, regular assessment and reviews of performance, ongoing training and development, and competitive wages and benefits, among other considerations. The overall health and potential of a business is directly tied to the health and happiness of its employees, and this should be a primary focus of any effective human resources department. Without this focus, retention rates and the bottom line of the company can't be expected to be stable.
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