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A wellness center is an effective concept as well as a physical facility or accessible online services created to promote, support and concentrate health and healthy lifestyles. A company that provides a wellness center or at least access to one is, in addition to promoting health, promoting the idea and awareness of it. The company is also communicating to its employees that a commitment to health is a matter of both self-interest and of responsibility-for itself and its employees alike.

Properly conceived, a wellness center erects perimeters of health defense and advance, beginning with basic, but core information about heath factors and resources. The center can serve as an information and intervention hub with nested rings of service, providing not only urgent assistance, but also comforting reassurance and motivation to adopt a proactive approach to personal health. In some instances, a comprehensive system of health strategies, e.g., IBM's "Global Wellness Initiatives", provides a framework within which centralized services and information can be provided throughout an organization's departments and branches.

A wellness center is a centralized facility at a "bricks-and-mortar" or online location, such as Webmd.com or Mercola.com that provides services (including product-related) to enhance one's health. Locations could provide service through general practitioners, specialists, dietitians, alternative therapies, gyms, pharmacies, mental health services, urgent care clinics, or anything that is associated with mind and body wellness. Large corporations may choose to build and staff a center on site for employees to use; or smaller organizations may choose to purchase services from a facility or service in an off-site location. (A minimalist approach might comprise little more than encouraging employees to access any of the most popular health information sites, such as those mentioned above-as an example of "something is better than nothing".)

Management should encourage the use of centers to promote and support the health of staff and, consequently, overall effectiveness of the organization. Human resources departments are responsible for coordinating the use of a wellness facility and for notifying employees so that they are aware of the available services. Managers should take an active role in encouraging employees to utilize the services offered by the center, and employees should consider the benefits of improved health gained from using a center.

Organizations will see increased profits by saving money in healthcare costs. They will also see a rise in productivity, fewer absences, and happier employees. By having a center on site or nearby, employees will have to take less time off to travel to and from appointments. In addition, should an employee suffer an injury, he or she would receive faster care. Employees would be able to enjoy the convenience of receiving multiple services from one location, and they would also be more likely to take an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if care is more accessible and visibly promoted.
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