Career opportunities are created when one person contacts another. It seems like a simple process. But it presents challenges that technology has yet to fully meet. We aren't trying to build a fancy new recruiting process. Instead, we look at the real world and then try to mirror what works. Our technology is just a tool.

Our mission is to open doors for people. We accomplish that by making it easy for our members to contact the right people, because we know that's what creates real opportunity.

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Recruiter.com Direct™ offers the easiest way for recruiters, employers, and jobseekers to reach each other for free. The service provides a simple way to get visibility and contact real people for career opportunities.


A USA company founded in 2010, Recruiter.com, LLC has offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and in the country of Mauritius. Offering member messaging, custom personal profiles, and career and recruiting advice, Recruiter.com is a highly visited employment related website. We aim to personalize job search and help bring better career opportunities to people around the world. As a "family first" company, we've built a culture that values personal time, pursuits, and commitments.


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