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In order to ensure a company's productivity and performance does not fall into decline, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and check-ups on the basic framework of the Organization's infrastructure. This includes periodic or ongoing evaluations of the workforce that culminate in assessments.

An assessment is an overall evaluation of an employee's working performance and attitude after a period of time, usually a business quarter or a full year (less if the employee is working under probation for any reason). An employee may become less enthusiastic about their work over time, leading to a drop in work ethic and standards, or an employee may show great improvement or skills that would be better suited in another role, or with more responsibility. In this way, assessment is able to identify these shifts in employees as time goes by.
Similar to assessments, screenings are usually made to gauge a potential candidate's persona, health, and other attributes prior to selection for recruitment. They may also be made in tandem with assessments on existing employees as well, in order to gather data for the purposes of HR, any health insurance plans, etc. Some companies have a vested interest in keeping their employees physically and mentally healthy and so utilise screenings for this purpose.

It is important that assessment is carried out fairly and intelligently, as the outcome of an assessment will have ramifications as it provides part of a picture regarding the stability of the workplace. Decisions will be made on the findings of assessments, which can lead to dismissals, rotation, or promotion all of which change the dynamic of the workforce.