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Get the latest Labor Statistics from governmental and professional data. Research job trends and employment statistics using our career tools. Forecast demand in niche skill sets and develop an effective talent pipeline with original daily content on recruitment and Human Resources management.

Economic Numbers and News about the Broad Economy

See the latest economic numbers relating to jobs, employment, and hiring demand.

Government Grants and Tax Credit Opportunities

Find out about the latest government grants, as applied to labor and employment. Receive daily updates on the economy - find out which sectors and geographies are receiving aid, and keep up to date with changes in employment law and the job market.

Mergers and Acquisitions News

News about important mergers and acquisitions. Analysis of business events in relation to employment changes and demand for particular professions.
Our economic news center contains updates to factors and figures pertinent to the overall economy and consumers. Typical data includes changes to inflation, economic output, trade surplus numbers, consumer goods pricing, and the status of particular industries and local geographic markets.