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The Process of Interviewing

Find interview tips to successfully navigate the interview process and land your desired job. Employers, get advice on creating efficient recruitment and hiring processes.
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An interview process is generally an essential part of the hiring practices of an employer, although it can sometimes refer to other activities such as screenings for awards or scholarships. In terms of the hiring process, this is an extremely important part in that it will help to determine if the candidate for the position is a good fit with the organization.

The interview process when executed properly and effectively will include elements before, during, and after the interview. Before an interview, it is of primary importance to know what kind of questions are important and relevant to the organization's mission, vision, values, and culture, in addition to questions that will focus on the specific position being applied for. From the organization's perspective, it should matter more that the applicant is a good fit for the mission and vision of the company than if their skill set is superior, although competence is definitely an important factor.

During the interview, attention should be paid to body language, attitude, thoughtfulness, and depth of answers and discussion. Probing deeper on important questions will reveal the applicant's actual knowledge or commitment on the subjects discussed.

Once the interview has concluded, it is important to let the applicant know where they stand as far as the future. In other words, if they are considered worth a second interview they should be told up front if possible, and if they are definitely not a good fit they should be told this as well. The interview should be either recorded or good notes taken so that afterwards a proper assessment may be made as to the next steps for the applicant.