Some of the most common interview questions are aimed at determining how well an applicant's plans and interests coincide with those of the company. The questions are also aimed at weeding out those applicants who lack sincerity and care for the job. Acing an interview is a matter of conveying an air of confidence and enthusiasm for the job along with quick and sure answers to whatever questions may be asked.

Some of the most common questions asked are those regarding your motivation for applying for the job and how you plan to best benefit the company. Usually, an interviewer will want you to describe yourself. Your answer should consist of a concise description of your education, relevant achievements, goals, and qualifications. Approach this question by summarizing your resume, focusing on how you can add value to the company.

A vital question that must be answered with enthusiasm is "Why do you want to work here?" To answer this question sufficiently it is important to address your interest in the company and in the industry in which you work. Express your understanding of the job requirements and explain how you feel your qualifications will benefit the company through your work.

The interviewer will typically want to know how you perceive your abilities. In order to do this you may be asked to describe your best skills and your biggest weakness. In answer, focus on those skills that are most suitable for and highly valued by the company. Share experiences where your skills have been successfully tested. Portray your weaknesses in a positive light and give indication that any weakness you may perceive gives you more motivation to work harder to overcome them.