hirevue video interviewingThe world is changing, and if we don’t change with it, then we become completely obsolete.  This not only applies to us as individuals, but as organizations as well.  How about when it comes to performing job interviews, how do we stay relevant then? Can anything be changed or improved about this most basic aspect of the hiring process?

Think about the interview process as it stands.  First, you need to put out a recruitment advertisement / job posting and then you can expect the candidates to roll in.  Although screening your initial applications is quite a labor-intensive process, it stands to reason that conducting the actual interviews takes up even more time and effort.

From getting in touch with the applicant, to arranging for a mutually convenient interview time, it can take hours out of your day just for the sake of one thirty minute interview. So how do we remedy this problem?  How do we make the interview process easier not only for our HR departments, but for the candidates as well?

A company that goes by the name of HireVue seems to have broken through with a way to get you back to work and get your interviews done without any travel whatsoever.  You might be wondering how exactly it is that you would conduct an interview without having a candidate visit your office, and we’ll tell you in just a second.

First, a little bit about HireVue.  From what we gather, they seem to be one of the leaders in the digital and video interviewing space. This innovative company is based in the state of Utah and has an impressive client list, from Starbucks to Nike and even the big box retailer, Wal-Mart.  What HireVue has done is taken the traditional phone screen and in-person interview and replaced them with an efficient, technology driven recruitment software system.

What they have replaced both of these with is a video interview technology package specific for the recruitment, sourcing, and interviewing functions.  Using the power of the Internet, you can simply send questions to the candidate and they’ll be required to record their answers via webcam and send them back to you.  This means that you don’t have to schedule a time to complete the interview, you simply send the invitation and the rest is up to the potential hire. HireVue says that their digital interview structure is nine times cheaper than traditional hiring methods. While you don’t actually spend money in order to interview candidates, you are spending precious administrative time, which does cost money – it contributes to your operational and management expenses, which will end up taking a bite out of your budget.  You could be pouring yourself into onboarding your new talent instead of having to run through a series of bad interviews or poor phone screens.

Are you using a digital interview company to conduct your interviews?  If not, then you should look into the available options.  They are a great way to reduce your costs, free up your resources and ensure that the interview process is not only more solid and error free, but that it is consistent right across the board.  Head on over to HireVue’s website for more information and even a free demo!

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