Mergers and Acquisitions

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As part of our coverage of economic news, we include important and interesting news related to mergers and acquisitions. Business mergers can be important creators (or destroyers) of jobs, so they are important to both recruiters and job seekers.

In particular, focuses on news relating to mergers, investment, venture capital, and partnerships involving companies in the employment field. This broad industry includes companies involved in online employment, staffing and personnel management, background and assessment checking, recruiting technology and software, recruitment process outsourcing, and HR consulting practices.

Information and news about mergers and acquisitions are covered when they impact either employment or important consumer or business technologies. If you wish to request an interview related to a merger or to suggest a news item, please visit the contact page in our main About page. We do not provide general business coverage of all M&A activity, but will report on news if they represent significant and/or disruptive changes.
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