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Recruiter jobs are ideal for people who like to interact with others, are good at networking, and like to learn about other industries. There are many different types of recruiters:

Contingency recruiters are independent contractors that are hired by companies to find job candidates. They get paid when their finds are hired. They are also known as headhunters. Their fees are typically a percentage of the new employee's salary.

Retained recruiters are hired by companies to search for applicants on an as-needed basis. While the search is being made, the company pays for all expenses for the recruiter. They charge a fee to initiate the search; and their fees are often based upon the salary of the position that they are attempting to fill.

Generalist recruiters work for companies in a variety of industries. They must be familiar with many different types of jobs and different types of people.
Specialist recruiters work within one industry. They are very knowledgeable of those jobs and have a list of individuals within the industry from which they recruit.

Staffing agency recruiters work for companies that find temporary or contract labor for other companies.

An internal recruiter is employed by the organization for which he or she recruits. They work within the human resources department or the talent acquisition department. They are also known as corporate recruiters or in-house recruiters.

Executive recruiters specialize in finding corporate executives.
Recruiters should possess the following skills: customer service, flexibility, interpersonal skills, oral communication, organizational skills, planning and evaluating, sales aptitude, self-management, time management, and written communication.