The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing the Right Candidates

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Are you looking for the best talent for your organization in 2023? It takes thought, strategy, and innovation to source top-tier candidates who can bring creative solutions and fresh perspectives to help build a successful team. Whether you are conducting targeted search campaigns or honing an effective interview process, having a roadmap toward sourcing the right individuals is key.

Crafting a Talent Acquisition Roadmap: Get the Guide 

In 2023, sourcing the right candidates for your organization will require a strategic approach. With numerous technological advancements and ever-evolving workforce demographics, staying ahead in the game of recruitment is a must. We’ll explore:

  • Building an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) for your candidates will help narrow down the pool and ensure a better cultural fit.
  • Understanding the necessary qualifications for a specific role is essential to build a candidate persona.
  • Hiring an excellent outsourced sourcing and recruitment provider who is well-versed with the industry trends is necessary to gain the upper hand.
  • Building a network of recruiters, industry experts, and thought leaders can provide valuable insights into talent sourcing strategies.
  • Leveraging your network to ask for referrals from your current employees or candidates can prove to be an efficient sourcing method.

This article will explore these and other important considerations when recruiting future employees and how embracing technology can maximize outcomes. Get ready to dig deep into quality candidate sourcing strategies that could give you an edge over your competitors!


Sourcing for the Right Candidates

The only way to understand how to source the right candidates is to build a profile. Here’s how:

  • Determine the job responsibilities and qualifications that are necessary for the position. Consider who will perform the role, what type of skills would be beneficial, and what kind of experience or background would be required. Never hired for this position before? Find your superstars and ask their opinion (but be respectful of their time!)
  • Dive into additional details, like cultural fit and team dynamics. After you have identified these qualifications, it is important to consider any additional information that may be useful, such as certifications and industry knowledge. This can help you find candidates suited to your specific job requirements. You want to ensure if you find the right person for the role, they’ll be happy in the company and on the team and cultural fit and team dynamics will help uncover what to look for.
  • List out your must-haves and nice to haves. Create a list of desired attributes you would like your ideal applicant to possess. These attributes should encompass both hard and soft skills and personal qualities such as communication style and motivation level. Make this a flexible framework that can grow or shrink with the right attributes.
  • Conduct research into the competitive landscape for this role and the local labor market to identify any unique qualities or characteristics that might set apart one applicant from others with similar backgrounds or experiences. Having this information during the sourcing phase can help set internal expectations for the hiring manager as well.

Use this information to create an ideal candidate profile, including a detailed description of each attribute you have identified as necessary for this position. This profile should also include any expectations or stipulations that would differentiate an ideal fit from other applicants who may not possess all these qualities or traits but still might succeed in this role. The candidate profile should also include any additional criteria potential applicants need, such as education level or years of experience in related fields.

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Identifying Sources of Qualified Candidates

Sourcing candidates to fill gaps in skills and competencies is critical in any successful talent roadmap. Once the skills and competencies needed for a role have been identified, recruiting teams should begin looking for potential candidates to fill those roles. This can be done through various avenues, including employee referrals, job board aggregators, social media platforms, niche job sites, candidate surveys, career fairs, networking events, online communities, industry events, and conferences.

  • Sourcing services are becoming increasingly popular for companies large and small, and it’s easy to understand why. By offering end-to-end solutions that span the entire product life cycle, sourcing services like OnDemand sourcing can save businesses both time and money while enabling them to achieve high levels of performance, efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and compliance.
  • Organizations often use employee referrals, resulting in higher quality hires with more excellent cultural fit. 88% of employers rate employee referrals as the best return on investment (ROI) for sourcing talent.
  • Job boards and aggregators gather multiple job postings from different websites into one central location, saving recruiters time searching for qualified candidates. As a source of hire, it rates just behind career sites, with 19% of hires coming from this source. However, nearly 60% of applications come from job boards.  
  • Social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed enable recruiters to pinpoint particular qualities they are looking for in a candidate by tapping into their vast databases of user profiles. Be careful out there, though. 54% of employers have rejected candidates based on their social media profiles!  
  • Niche job sites focus on certain industries or career fields so employers can contact qualified applicants more quickly. Jobseekers with in-demand skill sets frequently turn to these niche sites to spare themselves the deluge of offers they get on a more mainstream website. Developers for example, in 2019, only 54-58% of U.S. openings for web developers, app software developers, and system support developers were filled.  
  • Career fairs allow recruiters to meet with numerous potential candidates in person and develop relationships face-to-face rather than through email or phone conversations. While attending a career fair may not be suitable at all stages of a talent roadmap, it can play an essential role in helping companies attract top-notch talent and create viable recruitment strategies.
  • Networking events are great ways to establish contacts within specific industries and refer high-quality applicants to open positions.  This type of recruitment strategy allows companies to target specific niches of professionals and break down barriers that traditional recruitment methods may present. Companies can use this tactic to source diverse talent from underrepresented communities and gain access to potential candidates who would need help finding through traditional means.
  • Online communities allow recruiters to access unique candidates that may go unnoticed due to geographic or other limitations. In addition to finding candidates that may otherwise go unnoticed due to geographic or other limitations, online communities provide access to a larger pool of potential candidates than would be available through traditional methods. This makes them an invaluable resource in developing a comprehensive talent roadmap.
  • Industry events or conferences are great ways for recruiters to stay informed of new trends in the field and meet new potential hires who may have recently changed jobs or decided it is time for a career switch. Attending these events allows recruiters to connect with individuals who may not be actively searching for a job but may be interested if presented with the right opportunity.

Did you know sourced candidates are more than two times as efficient as candidates who apply? 

By sourcing candidates through these various outlets and proactively building pipelines of potential employees before vacancies arise, organizations can create an efficient recruitment process while significantly lowering costs associated with filling open roles quickly and effectively.

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Utilizing Referrals and Building Relationships with External Contacts

48% of businesses say their top-quality hires come from employee referrals. Therefore, an employee referral program is one of the most effective ways to source candidates because it helps employers tap into their existing employees’ professional networks. This type of program can be beneficial for employers in a variety of ways.

For starters, referrals from current employees tend to have higher levels of motivation and engagement, saving companies time and money during the recruitment process. Referrals are usually more likely to stay with the company longer, reducing turnover costs significantly. By creating an employee referral program as part of a talent roadmap, employers can quickly generate high-quality leads that meet their ideal candidate profile criteria while maintaining a positive relationship with current employees.

Expand Your Candidate Pipeline Now 

Creating Job Descriptions That Attract the Right Profiles

Creating job descriptions that attract the right profiles is essential for any business. Employers can accurately identify the skills and qualifications necessary for a successful candidate by having a clear and concise job description. This allows employers to maximize their resources by targeting specific individuals with the qualifications and experience to fill the role.

A good job description will also help create an accurate picture of the position, which can be used to market it more effectively. It should include a detailed list of duties, responsibilities, and qualifications and an overview of the company culture and benefits package. This can help potential candidates better understand what they could expect from working with your organization which in turn helps to attract those who are most likely to be successful within your company.

1 in every 72 sourced candidates is hired, compared to 1 in 152 candidates who apply to open positions.  

At the same time, job descriptions should also be written in such a way that it speaks directly to potential candidates. This means including keywords, phrases, or jargon relevant to their industry and providing specific information about working hours, salary, and progression opportunities, enabling them to decide whether they would like to pursue a career with you.

Finally, it is important to remember that crafting effective job descriptions requires research into both the desired skillset of candidates and what makes your company unique. Without this knowledge, employers may find themselves attracting unsuitable candidates or missing out on highly qualified ones.

Conclusively, when hiring for your organization in 2023, it is essential to remember the different ways you can source the right candidates. From researching new strategies to utilizing specific methods such as job boards, referral programs, and sourcing platforms like OnDemand Recruiters, you can employ various approaches to attract the ideal individuals. No matter which tactics you choose, always prioritize quality over quantity. An up-to-date and detailed job description will help ensure that your roles get in front of those with the right qualifications and experience. Ultimately, taking the correct steps when searching for new talent will lead to invaluable contributions to your team’s success. So take some time to review and refine your candidate sourcing methods so you have a strong hiring foundation that ensures maximum impact and efficiency!

Crafting a Talent Acquisition Roadmap? 
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