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Every month, surveys over 30,000 independent recruiting and talent acquisition specialists to better understand the talent market. Since April 2020, the Recruiter Index® has consistently predicted the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report before it comes out. Key findings from the May 2023 Recruiter Index show decreases in both recruiter and candidate sentiment, a steady average number of roles recruiters are working on, and the top salary range recruiters are currently recruiting for is $80K-$100K.

Job Market Overview

The job market is always evolving, and the Recruiter Index points out these important changes and insights. One change pointed out is the average recruiter sentiment decreased in May from 3.5 to 3.3 matching November 2022 levels.  Along with this, the average amount of roles recruiters are working on per month held steady at 12 this May, down from 22 roles in May 2022.

Key Takeaways Recruiters worked on an average of 12 open roles in May, holding steady from April. The average recruiter sentiment by month is calculated by asking how recruiters feel about the current job market. This May, it decreased to 3.5 from 3.3. Candidate sentiment, a measure of how open candidates are to new roles, decreased to 3.4. In-person roles (50 percent) outpaced hybrid (29 percent) and remote (21 percent) positions. Three percent of recruiters reported all of their roles were brand new. Compensation was the number one priority for candidates who were looking for new positions. Following compensation was a tie for remote work and work/life balance. Management was the number one reason employees are leaving their current jobs, followed by compensation. Medical/Healthcare was named the most in-demand industry with 21 percent of recruiters naming it the most in-demand. Following medical/healthcare was IT and sales. 


Candidate Close-Up

Taking a close look into candidate data, The Recruiter Index shows that candidate sentiment lowered, in-person outpaced hybrid and remote positions and compensation was the number one priority for candidates. In May, candidate sentiment decreased to the lowest point this year from 3.5 to 3.4. Witnessing a 35% increase, half the roles recruiters worked to fill were in-person roles with hybrid positions making up 29% and remote 21% of positions. An increase seen in May was for the number of roles requiring a college degree, by 6%

Along with these data points, 51% of recruiters reported salaries staying the same and 42%  of recruiters saw a  salary increase. In terms of specific salary ranges, there were increases in the ranges of $40K-$80K (+3 percentage points), $80K-$100K (+5 percentage points), $100K-$150K (+2 percentage points), and $150K-$200K (+1 percentage point).

Active Hiring Industries

Observations from surveyed recruiters revealed industries that had the most hiring activity overall in May. Industries saw a large reshuffle as medical/healthcare moved to the number one spot with 21% of recruiters naming it the most in-demand. Following medical/healthcare was information technology at 17% and sales at 14%

No one knows what’s happening on the ground in the talent market like recruiters, HR, and talent acquisition professionals. In a time of great change, we’re asking for your reports from the front lines. Insights into the job market, candidate trends, and active hiring industries are keys to better understanding the talent market.

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