Building a Top-Notch Technical Hub from Scratch with

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In 2020, a fast-growing SaaS provider faced a daunting task: building a highly skilled technical hub in Singapore from scratch. With the pandemic raging, travel restrictions and social distancing made it challenging to find top-notch talent. Additionally, the company was in hyper-growth mode and needed a constant flow of Java developers to support its ambitious goals.

Finding the Right Solution

The fast-growing company partnered with to implement an agile on-demand recruiting and sourcing strategy to tackle this challenge. assigned two technical recruiters (who handle full-cycle recruitment) in Singapore and created a technology-driven pipeline of Java developers.

The Groundbreaking Results

The results were impressive. Within 90 days, the company filled 56 positions in Singapore, and over the next six months, submitted more than 200 Java developers per month. The team worked quickly to identify critical requirements for each role, source relevant talent, and shepherd candidates through the hiring process. The result was an exceptional technical hub with highly skilled staff capable of supporting the enterprise’s growth trajectory.

Critical Teams Built Fast

The success of this case study offers valuable insights for any organization seeking to build critical technical teams quickly and efficiently. By partnering with on-demand recruiters who understand the ins and outs of local talent markets and possess deep technical expertise, companies can more effectively identify, attract, and retain top-performing engineers who can help drive the company’s vision and ambition forward.

SaaS Situation: Building a technical hub in Singapore for the first time Hyper growth mode 2020-2021 and needed constant flow of Java Developers Solution: Agile On-Demand Recruiting & Soucing 2 Technical Recruiters (full cycle) in Singapore Technology driven pipeline of Java Developers Results: 56 hires in 90 days in Singapore Submitted 200+ Java Developers a month for 6 months

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