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If you’re looking for the most up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening in the US job market, Recruiter Index™ is your source. This monthly report from can give you key insights that could be essential to advancing your organization and finding success in today’s competitive landscape. Drawing on expertise from recruiters, HR professionals, and Talent Acquisition experts, this resource provides valuable information about trends and essential industry shifts, so you can confidently make more informed staffing decisions.

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Executive Summary

Our ground-breaking Recruiter Index for March 2023 reveals encouraging trends in the talent market. Talent Acquisition experts from across our expansive network of 30,000+ firms suggest successful candidate sentiment is holding steady while recruiter satisfaction has increased significantly.

The majority of roles recruiters are trying to fill currently fall within the salary range of $80K-$100K with an average workload of 9 positions open at any one time – a promising sign! Moreover, nearly half (46%) of all candidates being spoken with have had two or more jobs in just two years – indicative that opportunities abound despite challenging times we may face as an industry.

Job Market Overview

This month, the sentiment of recruiters dipped slightly from the spike observed in March. On average, recruiters are now working on 17 roles, which is lower than at the same time last year. This decrease in recruiter workload can be partly attributed to the lack of job openings due to the ongoing economic uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although many businesses have begun to reopen their doors slowly, it is still being determined if this will increase hiring activities for recruiters. In addition, companies have shifted their focus towards remote hiring and automation processes, reducing recruiter involvement and workloads. Despite these challenges, recruiters must remain committed to their clients and strive to find qualified candidates who fit their skillset and desired work culture.

Candidate Close-Up

The Recruiter Index also revealed that over the past two years, 44% of recruiters had reported candidates having two jobs, and 16% had reported candidates having three jobs. This data indicates that more people are embracing the job-hopper economy, switching between multiple positions more frequently. This means recruiters must work faster to identify and hire top talent in a competitive job market.

Compensation was a significant focus for recruiters this month. It was the number one reason employees were leaving their current jobs, followed by remote work and management concerns. In response to this trend, recruiters saw a 29% increase in prioritizing salary when looking for new hires. To stay competitive in this fast-paced market, employers must ensure their compensation offerings remain attractive to potential candidates.

Most Active Industries

IT / Software Engineering continues to be in high demand in April, with recruiters identifying it as the top industry for talent. This is due to the increased demand for technology solutions across all sectors and the need for software engineers to develop and maintain these solutions. From web development and mobile apps to artificial intelligence and cloud computing, IT professionals are being sought out more than ever. Companies seek highly skilled IT experts who can provide innovative solutions to give them a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Medical / Healthcare and Architecture also remain in high demand this month, with many companies searching for specialized professionals who can provide essential services and help them meet their objectives. The healthcare industry has seen a sharp rise in demand over the past year due to Covid-19, increasing job postings related to health information technology, informatics, disease management, and much more.

Architectural firms also continue to see a surge in recruitment for new projects associated with urban planning, sustainable design, transportation engineering, innovative city initiatives, and more. With the increasing complexity of projects being undertaken by both industries, employers are more willing than ever to invest in talented professionals who bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge approaches to their business operations.

Key Survey Takeaways The average recruiter worked on 17 open roles in March 2023, declining for the second month. The average recruiter sentiment by month is calculated by asking how recruiters feel about the current job market. This month it witnessed a slight dip, currently at 3.5. Candidate sentiment, a measure of opening candidates to new roles, held steady at 3.4. Hybrid and in-person roles have overtaken remote roles, with 41% of recruiters working on hybrid roles. Recruiters reported an 8% decrease in the amount of roles recruiters are working on that currently require a college degree. Only 13% of recruiters reported 100% of their roles being brand new. Remote work continues to be the candidates' number one priority, followed by compensation. Compensation and remote work remain the top reasons employees leave their current jobs. The recruiting/staffing industry remains one of the top industries in demand, holding steady at the number two spot.


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