Workforce Coordinator - Graphics Design - 20-0040

Beaverton, Oregon, United States


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Job Description

Looking for an Entry-Level Graphics Design Pro with Project Coordination Experience in Beaverton, OR!

Prepress is a team within that handles the development of documents utilizing various Graphic Design applications and software, and document composition, which combines those designs with the data we handle during ETL. The primary skillset of the team is Graphic Design, along with an understanding of data, scripting, and technical processes. The Workforce Specialist will manage the day-to-day resource coordination. The Workforce Specialist will be responsible for communicating with other departments current status of projects within the Prepress team, assign and reassign tasks, and balance the workload across the team. The Workforce Specialist will approve team vacation requests, help manage the teams SOP process, and help manage the teams special projects to name a few of the day to day tasks.

Duties/Responsibilities of role:


* Assign work that comes into the Prepress team out to 18 + Developers.

* Report daily status on the tasks assigned.

* Identify bottlenecks in work queues on a daily basis and reassign tasks as necessary.

* Gather and present analytics on work queues, times, etc. to improve processes.

* Understand at any given time the progress of any given project that is currently within the Prepress area of work, and understand deliverables or dependencies that may impact our ability to deliver on time.

* Facilitate appropriate discussions to determine upcoming staffing requirements based on active and upcoming caseloads.

* Facilitate intra-departmental conversations as appropriate to identify opportunities to gain efficiency when possible.

* Assist new hires with training and troubleshooting of minor technical difficulties resulting from user error.

* Analyze PTO submissions and approve/deny based on their effect on operations.

Qualifications (Required)

Strong ability to work independently and to proactively investigate situations that require attention, whether or not specifically directed

Strong math, logic, and presentation skills and ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with specific quantitative details such as dates, deadlines, and staffing target requirements

Exceptional organizational skills and proven track record of consistently meeting deadlines and objectives of multiple projects simultaneously

Strong English communication (verbal and written) skills with a strong customer service focus.

Ability to work effectively in situations involving uncertainty, ambiguity or lack of information.

Proven problem-solving and analytical skills with an ability to approach a problem logically and systematically.

Ability to express complex technical and abstract concepts effectively both verbally and in writing. Ability to interact with all levels of managers and end-users in the organization.

Ability to change planned direction on the fly and instantly re-calculate deliverable schedules and resourcing.

Ability to provide statistical analysis on workforce data for a variety of uses.

Ability to handle a large volume of ever changing task assignments with quick turnaround.

Qualifications (Preferred)

Basic understanding of applications like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop Basic understanding of scripting languages and programming languages like Python, and JavaScript

Understanding of development methodology and lifecycle.

1 to 2 years of working with Predictive Analytics.


Integrity - Behaves in an honest, fair and ethical manner; shows consistency in words and actions; does what she/he commits to doing; respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others; is honest and forthright with people; carries his/her fair share of the workload; takes responsibility for own mistakes.

Client Focus - Takes action with the clients, both internal and external, and sees their needs as a primary focus; builds a sustaining collaborative and productive relationship with clients; seeks to understand client situations, issues, expectations, etc.; takes appropriate action to meet client needs and address concerns; implements or utilizes methods to monitor and evaluate client feedback.

Results-Driven - Sets stretch goals for personal and team accomplishment and works tenaciously to achieve those goals; acts with a sense of urgency; takes the initiative on actions; identifies what needs to be done and takes action before being asked; does more than what is normally required in a situation; establishes metrics to monitor progress and measure success; maintains focus by avoiding or overcoming roadblocks.

Entrepreneurial Orientation - Proposes innovative business opportunities/ideas to customers and business partners; encourages and supports entrepreneurial behavior in others; demonstrates willingness to take calculated risks to achieve business goals.

Decisiveness - Makes well-informed, effective and timely decisions even when data is limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; has the ability to make tough decisions.


IMPORTANT: All resumes must be submitted with a brief candidate summary that outlines the key qualifications required for this position as per the job description. Please showcase all skills and experience relevant to each requirement for THIS particular job. This write-up will be shared with the client along with the resume. Candidates without a proper write-up will not be forwarded to the client.