Inside Recruiting Oct 28, 2021
4 Problems Affecting the Talent Pool and How to Overcome Them

Businesses were questioning their ability to survive a pandemic just a year ago. Today, they're trying to figure out ways to scale up their workforce. Vaccination progress has provided for a hopeful job outlook. Unfortunately for businesses, the workers just aren't there. Instead, businesses have been forced to look at new ways to recruit. More companies — including small and...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 27, 2021
How to Ace Rapid Hiring Amid the Current Race for Talent

Each open position costs the average company $500 a day. Businesses are trying to quickly fill these positions to avoid losing money, but finding the right people for your company is never easy. The current race for talent makes it even more difficult.  However, rushing a hire can lead to other damaging issues such as having to settle for a bad fit – or worse, dealing with negligent...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 27, 2021
The Top 10 Recruiting Firms in America, According to Forbes

Updated: October 2021 Recently, Forbes partnered with analytics firm Statista to tackle a daunting challenge: determining what the best recruiting firms in America are. Through extensive surveys of recruiters, employees, and HR managers, Statista collected more than 20,000 recommendations, eventually narrowing the data all down to two lists, one ranking 250 executive recruiting firms...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 26, 2021
Are Employers Overlooking the Very Solution to Their Talent Shortages?

  For months, the business press — particularly in recruiting and employment circles — has focused its attention on the ongoing Great Resignation. Amidst the worst talent shortage in 10 years, employers are justifiably fixated on the threat of massive turnover, making it even more of a challenge to get back up to pre-pandemic speed. But what if the Great Resignation is only...

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Success Oct 25, 2021
The Recruiter's Guide to Different Types of Workplace Diversity

In the present times, companies across the United States have started to embrace diversity and inclusion (DI) initiatives to enhance company culture and attract job seekers. Rightly so, workplace diversity essentially plays a massive role in helping build people-centric and result-driven workplaces in the long run. As many as 80% of workers who participated in the latest...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 22, 2021
Working Remotely: How to Navigate a Virtual Recruiting Process

According to some research, 73% of departments will have remote workers by 2028. Thanks to COVID-19, virtual recruiting has exploded as recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers are all looking for remote positions.  Virtual hiring and remote working show no signs of slowing down. Some companies are still hesitant about doing it correctly and wonder if it even offers any...

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Smart Tech Oct 21, 2021
3 Ways to Leverage Automation in Your Recruitment Process to Boost Efficiency

Today, automation technology is transforming the talent acquisition landscape at a rapid pace. Hubspot's recent "Recruiting Automation Trends" report states that close to 75% of recruiters believe that technology will play a significant role in their recruitment strategy to streamline their hiring processes in the future. With most companies functioning in a remote setup amid the...

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Success Oct 20, 2021
How to Write an Effective Job Posting to Attract the Best Candidates

In the United States, there are 10 million job openings, but only 8.6 million people are unemployed. That means that there are 1 million more job openings than available people to fill them. With so many job postings out there and not enough people to fill them, employers are wondering how to attract job seekers who are starting their job search. Battling the Great Resignation and...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 19, 2021
4 Talent Acquisition Challenges in 2022 + How to Overcome Them

An increasingly complex consumer base, a highly volatile economy, and a pandemic forced businesses to reevaluate their strategies and operating models. Human resources management has emerged in this phase of soaring uncertainty as one of the most critical functions because, now, hiring the right candidate has never been more urgent.  Now, job seekers with diverse skill sets will continue to...

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Get Hired Oct 18, 2021
How to Find a Recruiter That is the Right Fit for Your Company

Finding suitable candidates for a company is getting more daunting for a hiring manager since unemployment rates in the United States are at a  50-year low, and good talent doesn't stay on the market for long. These unprecedented times are the reason why you need a good recruiter for your business now more than ever. All recruiters are matchmakers of a sort, bringing together hiring...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 15, 2021
7 Easy Ways to Speed Up the Recruitment Process

According to research from Glassdoor, the average hiring process in the United States takes about 22.9 days.  However, this time may not be fast enough for some companies that need to recruit candidates quickly to fill job vacancies.  If you need to find ways to speed up your recruitment process, there are a few things that you can try. 1) Write a Great Job Posting If you're...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 14, 2021
3 Great Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is still a new concept for a lot of companies.  While some companies still don't realize that there are endless options in the market today that can help them improve their recruiting process, others are far too adamant about sticking with conventional solutions because that's the way they have always done it.  If you're serious about...

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Inside Recruiting Oct 13, 2021
3 Recruitment Strategies for Companies Targeting Growth

Growth looks different for every company, and there is no such thing as the "right" recruitment strategy.  Every organization recruits candidates differently since many factors such as industry, geographical location, and company culture affect their efforts.  They are also affected by the number of open roles, urgency of the hire, and time of year. Rather than define a specific path...

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Want to Make Your Company an Employer of Choice for Executive Talent? Do These 4 Things.

While the recruitment landscape is constantly evolving, the fundamentals of recruitment marketing never change. When hiring competition is high and the number of qualified candidates is low — which we are experiencing in executive recruitment today — those fundamentals become even more important. If your organization is actively hunting executive talent today, it's necessary to take a...

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The Hidden Value of Candidates With Unconventional Career Paths

You've probably heard the idyllic stories of people who have had successful, linear career paths, landing their first big jobs straight out of college and continuing from there. What you've probably heard more of, though, are those stories of people who have pursued multiple careers and changed fields numerous times in pursuit of the work they enjoy. Conventional career paths are no longer...

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The Innovators Oct 4, 2021
4 Philanthropic Benefits Your Employees Want

If you're looking to improve your hiring efforts and appeal to a wider range of candidates, offering the right benefits is critical. You might think of benefits as things like health insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) matching — and these are excellent recruitment and retention tools! But there's an entire category of employee benefits you might be overlooking: philanthropic...

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3 Things Recruiters Should Do to Boost Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity has become an urgent topic of discussion over the last few years, thanks to social movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Naturally, this is an issue that extends to the workplace. We spend so much of our lives at work — and our ability to live comfortably is tied directly to the paychecks we receive from our employers. There's an obvious need to ensure that everyone is...

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The Innovators Sep 30, 2021
Welcome to the Outcomes Era. It's Time to Update Your Management Methods.

The pre-2020 workplace is no longer sufficient for employee success — nor is it sustainable. Indeed, far too many businesses are stuck in the Industrial Era, where managers obsess about the details of their employees' days. But the most successful organizations have embraced the Outcomes Era, in which leaders forget those meaningless details and focus on results. Those businesses that...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 29, 2021
We Don't Have a Labor Shortage. We Have a Respect Shortage.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses across the globe. As companies attempt to reopen or rebuild, many are struggling to find workers. Since March 2020, employees have dealt with shutdowns and layoffs and — for those who retained their jobs — remote work. Driven partly by the fear of being infected by vicious variants and the availability of extended unemployment benefits, job...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 28, 2021
Recruiting for a Board of Directors: What You Need to Know

The individuals you choose to serve on your board directors will be responsible for providing strategic guidance and making high-level decisions that will alter the course of your organization. Because of their importance, you need to approach recruiting them with the utmost care. Here's how you can execute an effective recruitment process for your board of directors: 1. Determine...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 27, 2021
Find Recruiting Jobs with New Recruiter Job Platform

    Recruiter Job Platform today announced the launch of a new job platform for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, to support the rapid growth of the company's on-demand recruiting solutions and capitalize on the strong hiring trends for recruiters. The new platform will feature full-time and contract recruiting jobs, as well as contract recruiting...

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The Innovators Sep 27, 2021
3 Ways to Keep Morale High in the Era of Hybrid Work

Many businesses across the US had planned to reopen their offices this summer — but the surging Delta variant has forced many employers to postpone. Now, we're seeing a wave of adjustments as business leaders create new plans to move forward with remote and hybrid work. Some businesses, like Google, are planning to cut compensation for individuals who plan to work remotely permanently....

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The Innovators Sep 24, 2021
Why It's Important to Make Sure Your Employees Have Fun at Work

Work has historically been oriented toward the activity of, well, working. If we carried out the tasks and responsibilities we were hired to perform as expected, we were paid. If we did our work well over time, we got paid more. If we came through with good work for long enough, perhaps we got promoted. If we wanted to have fun in life, we did that in our personal lives, pursuing hobbies and...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 23, 2021
Why Fair Chance Hiring Could Give You a Leg Up in the Post-Pandemic Talent Market

Human resource professionals and recruiters are having a tough time navigating the post-pandemic job market and the Great Resignation. Despite a record-high 10.9 million job openings in the US, 8.4 million Americans are out of work. Why are HR leaders having such a hard time finding and hiring talent? Part of the problem is the stringent and outdated "ideal candidate" checklists HR...

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The Innovators Sep 22, 2021
3 Ways to Promote Employee Engagement Amid the Great Resignation

Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report has troubling news for employers: 48 percent of American workers are actively looking for new job opportunities or at least keeping an eye on the market. Gallup also reports that only 34 percent of U.S. workers are engaged, signifying widespread discontent in the workplace. With many employers facing candidate shortages, replacing...

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The Innovators Sep 21, 2021
Most DEI Programs Exclude People With Disabilities. Here's How Your Company Can Change That.

More companies than ever are creating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to recruit and retain the best employees from the widest talent pool. But one group often goes overlooked in these initiatives: people with disabilities. Currently, only about 18 percent of people with disabilities are employed. That leaves a lot of untapped talent ready, willing, and able to work. By...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 20, 2021
The Onboarding Secrets of the Most Successful Organizations

Once you've put in the time and effort to identify the perfect candidate for your open role, the real work has only just begun. How you set the tone and support employees early on can make the difference between those who thrive and those who quickly head out the door. Employee turnover is more than just a hassle. It's an expensive, time-consuming, productivity-killing problem that can...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 17, 2021
Precarious Balance: How to Keep Women Workers From Leaving

My 6-year-old walked in again. I was on camera and not on mute. Everyone chuckled and seemed happy to see her. I was, too, but I also felt stressed. Everyone was polite, but surely this was disruptive. When my husband and I had no childcare support in those early days of the pandemic, sympathetic colleagues and flexible, remote hours kept me afloat. I wasn't sleeping very well in March of...

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Smart Tech Sep 16, 2021
11 Tips for Conducting Video Interviews That'll Impress Your Candidates

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What's your top tip to help hiring managers and recruiters conduct successful interviews over Zoom and other video software? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization composed of the world's most successful...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 15, 2021
Building Your Post-Pandemic Workforce? Here Are the 5 Skills Your Organization Needs

As the economy continues to recover from the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are finding they must readjust their talent bases to fit the new world of work. Many organizations have had to change their goals or structures over the last year and a half, and that means the skills they need have changed, too. Similarly, hiring managers will have to revamp their...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 14, 2021
In the Age of the Great Resignation, You Can't Retain Employees Unless You Invest in Them

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it's driving a groundswell of people leaving their jobs in what's known as the Great Resignation, the Turnover Tsunami, or the Great COVID Job Turn. These mass resignations place strain on companies. For example, in the retail sector alone, a May 2021 report from Korn Ferry found 94 percent of employers were struggling to fill vacancies. Many companies...

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The Innovators Sep 13, 2021
Want to Boost Innovation? Cultivate Employee Networks

Ninety percent of executives claim that long-term organizational success depends on developing and implementing new ideas. But innovation is difficult, especially in large organizations designed for efficiency and consistency. Most proactive innovation efforts fall short of expectations. Few programs result in the ongoing innovation needed for business growth or adapting to rapidly shifting...

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Inside Recruiting Sep 10, 2021
11 Signs of a Great Candidate, Based on Their LinkedIn Profile

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What particular elements do you pay close attention to when evaluating candidates' LinkedIn profiles? Why are these things reliable signs of an impressive candidate? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only...

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The Innovators Sep 9, 2021
The Most Important Thing Your Company Can Do Post-Pandemic: Get Creative With Employee Benefits

Welcome to the aftermath. The dust is beginning to settle; the world is beginning to open back up. We're slowly adapting to the dawn of a new day. That said, the labor market has been decisively affected by the pandemic. No one can seem to find hourly workers. People are quitting their jobs in droves. You can work from anywhere, including the top of Mount Everest, as long as the Wi-Fi is...

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Smart Tech Sep 8, 2021
Company Intranets Play a Surprising Role in Keeping Employees Engaged and Connected

A modern intranet can align an entire workforce behind a company's mission and bring new levels of efficiency to collaboration and knowledge sharing. Yet, intranets still bear the stigma of being clunky and unintuitive. The old intranet was often a stagnant repository for information, but the intranet's capabilities have evolved since then. Today, many companies use the alternative term...

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The Traditional Talent Market Is Gone. Has Your Company Adapted?

There is no such thing as a traditional job market anymore. In the wake of the pandemic, many candidates are rethinking their career goals and personal priorities. They're looking for something new. With an abundance of open roles and job seekers looking to make a change, it's a buyer's market. Like it or not, companies need to adapt their recruitment and retention tactics to this new...

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Success Sep 3, 2021
Professional Guidance Where You Least Expect It: The 5 Types of Mentors You're Missing Out On

Throughout her career — from her days as a young professional working in pharmaceuticals to her roles in higher education and her return to medical sales — Lisa Swift-Young has repeatedly turned to one thing to help her gain experience and accelerate her growth: mentorship. Now an executive business coach in her own right, Swift-Young told in an interview in August that...

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Smart Tech Sep 2, 2021
Why Video Interviews Will Stick Around After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to confront many of their most fundamental assumptions, from the necessity of 9-5 office work to how they hire, onboard, and retain employees. As we slowly move toward the resolution of this crisis, many companies are holding onto the tools and strategies they initially adopted as short-term measures. In particular, remote work will remain the norm at...

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The Innovators Sep 1, 2021
Employee Mental Health: What Employers and Recruiters Need to Know — and Do — Now

Across the country, businesses of all sizes are striving to adapt their recruitment and retention practices to the new normal of the post-pandemic job market. Several factors precipitated the ongoing Great Resignation and mass movement of employees to new jobs, and they are invariably tied to the effects of the global pandemic on employee mental health. When the pandemic started, leaders...

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The Innovators Aug 31, 2021
5 Keys to Implementing a Development-Centric People Strategy

Your company may be among the growing number of employers today that have incorporated learning and development conversations into their hiring strategies. If so, you likely understand that millennial and Generation Z candidates see an employer's commitment to their professional development as a key consideration when weighing job opportunities in this very highly competitive labor...

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Inside Recruiting Aug 30, 2021
Write a Job Ad That Reaches the Right Candidates With These 4 Tips

Your business is growing, and you're looking to hire new employees. But how do you create job ads that draw the perfect candidates to your roles? Writing a job advertisement that captures the attention of the right group of candidates isn't easy. You need to put your company's best foot forward, and you only have limited space to convey key concepts like your workplace environment, your...

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The Innovators Aug 27, 2021
Why Well-Being Is a Business Imperative in the Hybrid Workplace

The resolution of the ongoing pandemic seems increasingly difficult to anticipate. Hopes of an end are glimpsed and dashed in turn, with restrictions and precautions constantly changing. But there is one prediction we can safely make: The future of work is hybrid. Not only are global conditions ripe for the rise of a hybrid workforce, but employees are also vocally expressing their...

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The Innovators Aug 26, 2021
How the Pandemic Changed Employer Attitudes Toward Redeployment, Severance, and Workforce Transitions

The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered widescale workforce restructurings across all industries, leading the unemployment rate to skyrocket to nearly 15 percent during the height of the crisis. As millions lost their jobs, organizations became the subject of intense public scrutiny regarding how they conducted layoffs during this tumultuous time. Employers realized that how...

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Get Hired Aug 25, 2021
How to Hunt for a New Job When You're a Primary Benefits Holder 

If your family relies on your current position for health benefits, that could put extra weight on your shoulders when you're looking for a new job. Even if you're unhappy in your current role, you might talk yourself out of leaving to meet your family's needs. Roughly 157 million Americans depend on employer-sponsored health insurance, according to research from the Kaiser Family...

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The Innovators Aug 24, 2021
Why Employees Don't Know the Company Mission — and How to Fix It

The modern-day workforce is mission-driven. In fact, more than 80 percent of American workers rate meaningful work as a top priority in their careers. But how many employees can accurately describe their company's mission? Can you? According to the 2021 Mission Alignment Index (MAI) from my company, Gtmhub, about one-third of the world's largest companies fail at mission alignment....

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Inside Recruiting Aug 23, 2021
Want to Attract Gen. Z to Manufacturing Careers? Do This.

The manufacturing industry is in a state of flux. On one hand, the Biden administration is working to pass an infrastructure bill that could potentially create half a million new manufacturing jobs by 2024. On the other hand, analysts predict a manufacturing skills gap will leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled by 2030. With a large number of baby boomers now retiring, could Generation Z — soon...

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Inside Recruiting Aug 20, 2021
Why Are Hiring Managers Struggling to Recruit Hourly Talent? They Don't Have the Right Tools.

The reopening of society means nothing if businesses don't have staff. The US reported a record 9.3 million job openings in April, but industries like hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, and retail may not have enough employees to keep the lights on. Last year, 55.5 percent of the workforce was paid an hourly rate. But 2020 also saw mass layoffs and furloughs of hourly workers who have...

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The Innovators Aug 19, 2021
What's Next: How the Lessons of the Pandemic Will Steer the Future of the Workplace

While many of us are more than eager to shake off the weight of the pandemic, many of the lessons we've learned throughout the past year and a half will prove incredibly beneficial as we grow into the post-pandemic future. Now that companies are quickly shifting to hybrid and in-person environments, leaders must not forget everything they learned during their brief but transformative...

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