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First Agency First Agency

Discover how FIRST filled 114 roles and saved 55% in fees with

FIRST is a creator of innovative and interactive experiences to allow consumers and brands to interact in unique ways. Their business requires quickly scaling large teams of diverse roles from technical to operational talent. Recruiting is mission critical. They are unable to support their clients if they can't hire fast enough. 

Find out how helps them build a predictable and scaleable recruiting engine, all while saving significant costs versus other recruiting options. 

We Have the Right Recruiting Solutions.

People-First Solutions

Recruiting ultimately comes down to people, and we have a great team of contract recruiters that can take the strain off of your internal teams.

People are the focus in every part of our business, whether it's contracting with our expansive network of recruiters or using sourcing technology to find the right candidate.

People-First Solutions

Fast and Flexible Recruiting

In an ever-changing labor market, companies need fast and flexible recruiting solutions to address their hiring needs. Our agile recruiting solutions can help your company be flexible enough to find top talent. 

With month-to-month commitments, we can deliver contract recruiters within 48 hours, or send a pipeline of amazing candidates in 7 days or less.

Fast and Flexible Recruiting

Future of Talent Acquisition

The future of recruiting is changing. We're at the forefront of the new agile recruiting model and can offer you flexible recruiting solutions to get your company the talent it needs.

Future of Talent Acquisition

We needed to hire a large volume of licensed therapists from all over the country, but didn’t have the resources, so we partnered with As a result, they have delivered over 300 candidates per month and over 85% of them have been qualified. augmented our team with between 10-18 recruiters over the course of our 3 months partnering. Together, the team made 140 placements. It was a positive experience and we continue to partner with today.

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Discover more about our recruiting solution for employers, executives, hiring managers, and internal recruiters. Hear from our recruiting solution clients and learn more about our recruiting software plans or get help hiring from a professional recruiter with Recruiters OnDemand.

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A recruiter's work is never done! Through our blog, Recruiter Today, Recruiter offers companies tools and resources for successful recruiting and hiring, with tips and best practices to help find potential candidates and engage top talent.

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