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The dynamics of the job market are shifting. Finding the right talent is hard. Filling a candidate pipeline as quickly as possible is even harder. Recruiter.com's on-demand hiring platform makes it easier for companies of all sizes to react in real-time to their talent demands, with flexible, scalable solutions.

On-tap recruiting that flexes with your hiring needs.

Access the largest network of recruiters nationwide. Get faster results by extending your in-house talent acquisition capabilities with our expert on-demand recruiting services. Engage with a recruiter, or a team of recruiters, of your choice on a per-project or time basis. Ramp up or scale down quickly.

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Innovative AI and video technology to grow your curated talent pools.

High growth companies, or those with high employee churn, need to build a candidate pipeline incredibly fast. Leverage our artificial intelligence SaaS software and video technology to source and engage talent. Our scoring engine uses machine learning, predictive analysis and data science to find the right candidates for the right roles.

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Build your talent pipeline from our niche professional communities.

  • Find a Recruiter

    Access the largest network of recruiters and HR professionals. Post a full-time, part-time or on-demand recruiter job.

  • Media

    Post your media jobs to our 1M+ talent community. Instantly reach the best candidates in content, creative, marketing, and more.

  • Finance

    Leading sourcing platform with a community of 700,000 professionals in the financial services industry. Access vetted candidate matches.

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  • Scouted

    Video-enabled talent-matching platform delivering diverse pools of high quality, curated talent pipelines to employers every week.

  • Finalist

    Source and screen early-professional software and data candidates. A tech-driven alternative to traditional offline campus recruiting.

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7 Ways to Reduce Bias While Hiring Employees

According to one survey, 60% of recruiters and hiring managers will decide on a candidate in just fifteen minutes of meeting them. However, if a decision is made that quickly, it might've been made with some unconscious biases. These...

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