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We pair advanced AI recruiting software with on-demand recruiters to help you hire exceptional employees anywhere - with no headhunter fees.

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Top employers trust our on-demand recruiting solutions

We help employers from startups to the Fortune 100 hire qualified job candidates faster with recruiting software and on-demand contract recruiters.

Hire great employees anywhere.

Connecting with the right talent for open positions can be challenging. We solve recruiting challenges by pairing a 160M+ recruitment database and candidate outreach software with flexible recruiting services from contract recruiters.

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Recruiting Software

Recruiting software for proactive candidate outreach

Imagine a world where an artificial intelligence-powered system takes care of your company's hiring needs. Qualified candidates are found through machine learning and predictive analysis, so you can focus on what really matters: building relationships with potential employees to grow your organization! We've developed software to reach this vision, enabling automated passive candidate outreach at scale.

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Flexible Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services Product

Access our on-demand network of contract recruiters anywhere in the world. Get faster results by extending your in-house talent acquisition capabilities with our expert on-demand recruiting services. Help your internal recruiters focus on strategic projects. Engage with a recruiter, or a team of recruiters, on a simple monthly subscription. Ramp up or scale down quickly as your hiring needs change.

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Company News in the News

Keep up with our company and what's new in the job market with our latest thoughts and media appearances.

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Thought Leadership Articles

Recruiter Today

Find the best candidates and win the talent war. Find recruiting and hiring tips for hiring managers, talent acquisition, and professional recruiters, alongside career advice for job seekers.

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Career Communities

Build your candidate pipeline with our career communities

Creating perfect talent matches for job seekers and employers. Join our career communities to connect with specialized jobs. Post jobs to access top qualified candidates.

Recruiter Jobs

Find a recruiter. Access the largest network of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. Post a full-time, part-time, or contract recruiter job.

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Media Jobs

Post your media jobs to our 1M+ talent community. Instantly reach the best candidates in content, creative, graphics, marketing, and more.

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Finance Jobs

Leading sourcing platform with a community of 700K+ professionals in financial services and banking. Access vetted candidate matches.

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Crypto Jobs

Find blockchain engineers and cryptocurrency-related talent with our niche job board for crypto projects. Post jobs to receive qualified candidates for your open roles and freelance assignments.

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Building the next generation of recruiting technology

Solving complex recruiting challenges

Human Resources departments are swamped with open roles. Hiring managers can't hire qualified candidates fast enough. More candidates are applying to jobs than ever due to easy job applications - but there is less care and attention from both the employer and job seeker. Employee diversity initiatives and hard-to-find skills add complexity to recruiters' work. Job boards, executive search firms, and recruitment process outsourcing services are necessary, but not enough. Our knowledge economy demands new solutions to fix the talent gap.

Recruiting solutions that keep people first is our solution. We have innovated artificial intelligence for candidate search and engagement and powerful recruitment marketing tools. However, we've identified that recruiting is a human transaction, so we've kept people in every part of our business. Our on-tap network of thousands of recruiting professionals helps employers with the hard work of recruiting. We help our clients meet hiring goals with flexible recruiting solutions - recruit talent faster with

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