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RECRUITER IN THE NEWS Partners With Top Recruiter
​, a leading on-line recruiting and career service technology platform which offers recruiters access to a marketplace of fee based jobs, announced today a strategic partnership with Top Recruiter, a leading film production company for the recruitment industry. will help bring the show to over 3 million users and social media followers. Top Recruiter […]
August 08, 2016
Come Recommended and Release New HR Survey
Come Recommended and release a new survey that finds HR professionals don’t use mobile devices as much as others to find the content they want, and they like to receive e-newsletters in spite of the usual email overload. Come Recommended, a leading content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and HR tech […]
August 08, 2016 Announces Recruiter Loyalty Rewards Program, an online global recruiting and career service which offers recruiters access to a job market of fee-based jobs, announced today the launch of a new Loyalty Rewards Program for recruiters.’s Loyalty Rewards Program, the first of its kind in the industry, gives recruiters an added incentive to participate in the Job Market platform. […]
August 08, 2016

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