We're changing the way recruiting is done.

We draw our mission from our name - to recruit actually means to inspire someone to join a cause.

Our purpose at Recruiter is more than just connecting job seekers, recruiters and employers. We are passionate about inspiring people to better themselves, to grab opportunities, and to believe in themselves.

Simply put, Recruiter exists to open doors for people.

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Search 6+ million Jobs. Stay on top of the market with Job Alerts. Send your resume to recruiters and employers.
Efficient platform. One point of contact. Unmatched firepower for your hard-to-fill positions. Drive applicants.
Access millions of dollars in fee-based jobs. Distribute your jobs to more than 2,000 sites. Get help filling your positions.


..and growing. We have an engaged member base.



Recruiter.com is trusted by small and large clients.



We have the largest network of recruiters in the world.

Our Team

At Recruiter, we work to make each day count. We're not just dreamers, we're doers. Our team is diverse, vibrant, intelligent, and caring. Recruiting is in our DNA. We're thought leaders in recruiting and even run a leading career and recruiting publication. We are cited career experts in WSJ, Entrepreneur, Time, Business Insider, and Forbes.
Miles Jennings
Founder and CEO

Miles Jennings is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Recruiter.com. With a decade of experience, Miles is a cited expert and influencer in the HR and recruitment space. He is a contributor to top publications such as Entrepreneur, WSJ, and Forbes. With a background in Internet technology, recruiting and social marketing, he loves everything about finding people the right jobs and inspiring people to follow their dreams. He graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT with a degree in Philosophy.

Ashley Saddul
Founder and CTO

Ashley Saddul is a seasoned entrepreneur, technologist, star soccer player, and big-time foodie. His startup experience includes leadership at Simpli, a search engine that was acquired, as well as founding Impressive Domains, a premier domain brokerage firm from the early days of the Internet 'gold rush'. He has been profiled in numerous magazines, and is a frequent contributor on Forbes. He is an avid world traveler and adventurer, and loves hopping around the globe climbing mountains and photographing lost lakes.

Michael Woloshin
Chief Strategy Officer and Partner

Michael Woloshin is a highly skilled, entrepreneurial-minded leader with decades of experience in business development, marketing and brand building, primarily in the recruiting industry. Michael was the driving force behind developing, expanding, and managing Candidates On Demand Group, which was ranked No. 4 in the Crain's New York Business list of the New York Area's Largest Executive Recruiters. Mike utilizes his expertise in creating strategic partnerships and joint ventures for Recruiter.com and its subsidiaries.

Kimberly Hunter
Director of Operations

Kimberly's passion is living; As an eternal optimist with a zest for life, her professional mission is to create policies and procedures that assist in the smooth operations of the company in support of our unique platform and services. Her personal mission as a nature lover and traveler is to enjoy spending time with loved ones whether backpacking Havasu Falls or hanging out on the grass in a local park drinking tea.

Delinda Giles
Director of Recruitment Services

Delinda works behind the scenes managing Recruiter's one of a kind platform. She caters to the needs of our clients and recruiters. When she's not working, she's a busy mom of three, an avid reader, and loves participating in community theater!


Cheri Saddul
Director of Marketing Communications & Design

Cheri works with the leadership team to define brand strategy, usage and messaging guidelines of the Recruiter brand. You’re likely to find her in the kitchen creating delicious dishes, jamming at a club concert, Zumba-ing, or getting muddy in the occasional obstacle course race.


Dayvin Couttiganne
Software Development Manager

Dayvin enjoys bringing substance to abstract ideas through technology. When he is not behind his laptop programming, he likes to appreciate the smaller things in life, such as sipping on a cool beverage while enjoying a sunset at the beach.

David Ranno
Sr. Business Development Manager

Dave is the go-to guy for companies looking to advertise their product or services to our wide audience. When he's not hard at work in the office, he loves spending his time with family and friends. He's an avid athlete who loves playing baseball, soccer, and softball - especially playing golf with his son.

Matthew Kosinski
Managing Editor

Matthew is Recruiter.com's online editor. He's also a poet, an MFA candidate at The New School, a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, and the company's resident Drake enthusiast.

Christophe Noel Bundoo
Senior Software Engineer

Christophe has been developing software for over 10 years. He enjoys solving complex problems in PhP. When not glued to the screen, he loves spending with his family and playing guitar with his son.

Roubesh Jukhoo
Senior Software Engineer

Roubesh is passionate about all aspects of software development. When he is not coding, he devotes his free time to do-it-yourself projects.

Himal Ramlugun
Senior Software Engineer

Himal enjoys learning about new technologies and loves new challenges. He is a huge fan of online video games.

Donna Magee
Manager of Recruiter Membership

Donna is all things recruiter, from onboarding new recruiters to assisting our Elite Recruiters, and everything in between. When she is not working, she is a passionate jigsaw puzzle master and Scrabble addict. She also enjoys playing with her dogs as well as fostering dogs in need of a temporary place to live.

Anne St. Hilaire
Marketing Coordinator

Anne finds the power of social media and its ability to create a sense of community inspiring. She continually pushes herself to be in the know and communicate the "new" to all that need to hear it. When she's not busy tweeting or posting on Instagram, you can find her dancing at a local music festival, hiking one of the many trails New England has to offer, or trying out new craft beers with her friends.

John Weissman
Senior Account Manager

John is responsible for helping grow our organization by identifying companies and job seekers that can benefit from our outstanding platform. He truly loves to make people happy. Family and friends, travel, food, music and sports are his joys; by cultivating recruitment and job placement, he does his small part in helping others delight in their individual life passions.

Peter Redline
Operations & Customer Service Coordinator

Peter provides first class customer service and help desk support. When he's not chatting with customers, you can find him out in the garden or kayaking with his family.

Daniel Ferguson
Recruiter Coordinator

Daniel helps with sourcing the right candidates for jobs on our Job Market. He is a senior at UNC Charlotte studying Talent Management and Finance and will be graduating in May 2016. 

Our Advisors


Whether you are hiring or are looking to grow your career, the Recruiter.com Job Market is the right choice for you. Let us show you how.


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