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Recruiter.com™, the expert network for recruiters, is a leading platform connecting recruiters and employers. Recruiter.com™ pairs enterprises with an extensive network of recruiters and powerful AI matching tools to drive the hiring of top talent faster and smarter. Headquartered in Houston, TX with additional offices in Connecticut and Mauritius, Recruiter.com™’s business is designed to accelerate recruiting and hiring success through technology adoption.

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Our primary product and service is our cloud-based “Job Market” software platform for professional hiring. The Job Market software facilitates connections to a nationwide network of professional recruiters, and is augmented by proprietary artificial intelligence technologies that draw from talent communities of millions of people. Recruiter.com™ provides enterprise and mid-market employers recruiting services designed to scale across a diverse range of skills and industries. We offer employers a flexible, performance-based hiring model for permanent and contract talent. We offer recruiters SHRM certified recruitment training and independent earning opportunity.

Recruiter.com™ has strategic partnerships in many areas of the recruitment process, including AI candidate matching software, applicant tracking systems, job sites, resume writing and career services, recruitment and career content providers, and recruitment service and outsourcing firms. Recruiter.com™ was voted "Top Tech Company to Watch" by the CT Tech Council, cited as one of the "Top 35 Most Influential Career Sites" by Forbes, and listed by Inc. as one of the "9 Best Websites for Finding Top Talent."


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Executive Team

Evan Sohn

Evan Sohn is a senior executive with 25+ years of experience in eCommerce at Fortune 500 and start-up environments, with a history of rapidly growing businesses and capturing market share. He has a strong emphasis in sales, market development, corporate and product strategy, marketing, and business development. Evan has extensive management experience in payments, enterprise software, wireless and mobile software, security software, managed services and penetrating new markets for new technology solutions.

Miles Jennings
Founder and COO

Miles Jennings is an entrepreneur and founder of Recruiter.com™. With a decade of experience, Miles is a cited expert and influencer in the HR and recruitment space. He is a contributor to top publications such as Entrepreneur, WSJ, and Forbes. With a background in Internet technology, recruiting and social marketing, he loves everything about finding people the right jobs and inspiring people to follow their dreams. He graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT with a degree in Philosophy.

Ashley Saddul
Founder and CTO

Ashley Saddul is a seasoned entrepreneur, technologist, star soccer player, and big-time foodie. His startup experience includes leadership at Simpli, a search engine that was acquired, as well as founding Impressive Domains, a premier domain brokerage firm from the early days of the Internet 'gold rush'. He has been profiled in numerous magazines, and is a frequent contributor on Forbes. He is an avid world traveler and adventurer, and loves hopping around the globe climbing mountains and photographing lost lakes.

Judy Krandel, CFA

Judy Krandel is an accomplished public company board member, CFO and investor with a high financial acumen and an extensive background in portfolio management, equity investments, capital markets, executive leadership, and business development. She is strategically focused on driving the vision and building enterprise value as a leading force for organizations and companies, incorporating a solid background in technology and corporate finance.

Rick Roberts
President, Recruiting Solutions

Rick Roberts is an entrepreneur and Founder of Genesys Talent. He is a hands-on leader, strategic planner, and innovative developer of effective business development and delivery strategies. Rick has a consistent track record of achievement in leading of sales, recruiting, customer and consultant relationships, and operations. He is very passionate about creating the best hiring experience for the candidate, recruiter, and the hiring manager.



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Whether you are hiring or are looking to grow your career, the Recruiter.com™ Job Market is the right choice for you. Let us show you how.

Message from Recruiter.com™

Welcome to Recruiter.com™, a company that is committed to building the next generation of technologies that help companies recruit talented professional employees.

With our recently completed acquisition and rebranding, we are more confident than ever in a bright future for the company. Recruiter.com™, is positioned as an early mover in the rapidly growing field of online recruiting. Our core asset, the software platform of Recruiter.com™, disrupts traditional recruiting, not by dis-intermediating recruiters or other stakeholders, but rather by facilitating connection and communication. We feel this approach is powerful, and are committed to realizing the potential of our software platform and business model.

Personally, I have been working in Internet-enabled recruiting technology for about fifteen years. Our exceptional staff is diligent, hard-working, and extremely knowledgeable about recruitment and talent acquisition techniques and technologies. We're all working together toward our ultimate goal of helping to open doors for people. We strive to do good for the world, our employees, investors, and partners.

We invite you to learn more about our company, and its products and services. Thank you for your interest and continued support.

Miles Jennings, Founder and COO


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