Our Mission Recruit Talent Faster

Recruiter.com is an OnDemand recruiting platform providing flexible talent acquisition solutions that scale from startups to the Fortune 100. With an on-tap network of thousands of recruiting professionals, advanced artificial intelligence sourcing software, and recruitment marketing automation, Recruiter.com helps businesses solve today's complex hiring challenges.

We thrive by helping connect people with opportunities and helping our employer clients with their diversity and inclusion initiatives. By using technology to eliminate unconscious biases, we can maximize the talent pool and create a more diverse workplace. With 160M+ candidate profiles and special support for diversity searches, we help employers grow their outreach and build vibrant, talented workforces.

Recruiter.com builds technology to connect people and build better work experiences for everyone. By offering our advanced AI recruiting software, we automate the sourcing stage in the hiring process so that recruiters and hiring managers can get back to doing what they love: forming authentic connections with candidates. Our team is on a mission to open opportunities for people, and we do this the best way we know: connecting people to people.

Our Story

Our founders were inspired to build a platform that would connect people better than traditional recruiting. With the core mission of helping people connect and find better opportunities, Recruiter.com grew from a bootstrapped business to a publicly-traded technology company with employees and clients worldwide. Every day, we're proud to further our mission to help recruit talent faster and help people find jobs they love.

Get to Know Us

Recruiting is in our DNA. Our team has many years of experience in online recruiting and technology. We're inspired every day by our mission to connect people better to create terrific job matches.

Recruiter.com's headquarters are in New York City, but we are a remote-first company. Everyone at the company is free to live and work wherever they want. We value our people and will continue to build a wonderfully diverse team of passionate, innovative people.

We also love our hobbies! Our people are musicians, programmers, writers, speakers, mathematicians, gardeners, parachuters, runners, hikers, sports fanatics, and photographers. Recruiter.com is a family first company, with many hard-working parents raising the next generation of Recruiter.com interns.

Fun Facts

When we asked recruiters how many jobs the average candidates they are speaking to have had over the past two years, 44% of recruiters said candidates have had two jobs and 16% of recruiters said they have had 3 jobs. The Great Resignation may be almost over, but the job hopper economy continues!

Our Recruiter Index recently found that when asking employees what the main reason for switching jobs was, compensation was the number one reason - followed by remote work. Accommodating virtual work is key to retaining key talent!

With the 2019 average cost per hire at $4,425 and increasing turnover, the US could see a $50 billion increase in hiring costs in 2022. That’s why recruiting is such a big business - over $136 Billion to be exact. That’s a lot of hiring!

Most job seekers carefully construct their resumes and pay attention to every minute detail. But did you know that one study pegged the time that hiring managers spend reviewing a resume at 6 seconds? Keep that in mind next time you polish up your resume - your experience has to POP!

The word Recruiter comes from the French word “recroître,” meaning to grow again, from way back in 1635. Its original use was militaristic, from people responsible for inspiring others to join the enlisted ranks of armies, replenishing and growing the forces. To get to recroître from the Old French, you take “re,” meaning again, and “croistre,” to grow, which in turn comes from the Latin crēscere. Crēscere is related to the crescent moon, as the moon waxes or grows throughout the lunar cycle. So you wouldn’t think it, but recruiters and the moon are inextricably, grammatically linked.


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