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Master the art of modern, technology-based recruiting and talent acquisition
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Designed for those with no previous recruiting or staffing experience who want to break into the arena, our state-of-the-art training program will put you ahead of the curve as a certified recruiter.

We have developed a three-stage training program designed to teach you the best practices of recruiting at each stage of the recruitment life cycle.

You will also have access to workbooks, live training webinars, articles, videos, and other resources to help you along the way.


What is Recruitment and your role as a Recruiter?

Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring the right people to join an organization or support a cause. Recruiters attract, select and appoint the most qualified candidate. You will be the first line of contact with potential candidates assessing their qualities and building that business relationship with them throughout the recruitment process. Certification Program gives you the information and tools you need to start your career in Recruiting. We offer three courses as part of our free preview so you may get a glimpse of the valuable information you will receive as a member of the RCP.

We offer three training packages for you to chose from. Take a look and sign up for the one that is the best fit for you to kick-start your career. Be part of our recruiter academy today!

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Exciting News!

The Certification Program (RCP) is now a SHRM-CP© & SHRM-SCP© Recertification Provider.

Our courses will supply you with 45 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) as well as valuable information from the course content. Whether you are a professional in human resources (PHR), or looking for a SHRM SCP practice test to prepare for your SHRM exam, these courses are a great starting point to keep your SHRM membership active.

Our RCP Team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed!

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Glossary of Recruiting Terms
Welcome to the Exciting World of Recruiting
Unit 1: 10 Expert Recruiting Courses
Unit 2: Deep Dive on the Job Market Platform
Private Facebook Group Access
Unit 3: 8 Business Development Courses
Free Trial
Glossary of Recruiting Terms
Welcome to the Exciting World of Recruiting
$ 0
Recruiting 101
Glossary of Recruiting Terms
Welcome to the Exciting World of Recruiting
Unit 1: 10 Expert Recruiting Courses
Unit 2: Deep Dive on the Job Market Platform
Private Facebook Group Access
$ 299
Business Development
Unit 3: 8 Business Development Courses
$ 99

All Courses Include

Rich and Engaging Content
Mobile Friendly Interface
Self-Directed Pace
Peer Discussion Boards
Progress Management Tools

Brush up on the Basics

Originally designed to teach those with no recruiting experience how to get started in the industry and learn the basics, experienced recruiters are also benefiting from enrolling in the RCP Recruiting 101 training. Check out the testimonies from some of our graduates below!

Looking to grow your existing client base? Enroll in the business development training and learn how to land new clients and increase your profits.

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I have over 5 years of recruitment experience. I applied to the program because I felt I needed to strengthen my business development skills. Since starting the program, I've signed multiple new client agreements and I am currently busy onboarding two other recruiters into my company. In addition to this, the webinar speakers have been an excellent addition to the certification program. The entire program has been insightful and useful.

Stephanie Friedman

Talent Specialist & Owner, Bing Recruitment

The RCP program is packed full of great information and instruction upon which to build a successful recruiting career. I appreciate the attention to detail and effort put into the courses and the time devoted to the webinars. It is clear is motivated to develop highly professional, knowledgeable, and ethical - but most of all successful - recruiters!

Larry Maslin

Managing Partner at The Maslin Group & Resume Footprint

The RCP is my opportunity to enter the world of recruiting on my terms. The program has literally given me a career that I have been seeking that was unobtainable under the traditional route. The program has offered me instruction and guidance on the core role of the recruiter in today's world and everything it takes to be a success. This gift has propelled me to start my own business and my life is forever changed. Thank you!

Heidi Macomber

Independent Healthcare Recruiter

COURSES in each package

* Glossary of Common Recruiting Terms

* Introduction Letter to Recruiting


  • Welcome to the Exciting World of Recruiting!

    A brief introduction to the program and overview of what you can expect to learn during the interactive course modules on the basics of recruiting.


  • Introduction to Business Development

    This course is designed to teach you the basics of business development and the importance of deciding what role it will play in your recruiting career. We will explore the three different types of recruiters as relates to business development, as well as some best practices to follow, and the importance of using an applicant tracking system (ATS).

  • Getting Started in Business Development

    This course is designed to help you establish your foundation before you begin your business development efforts. You will learn about the importance of a value proposition and how to create one for yourself . You will also review the importance of time management and some tips and techniques to help you be productive.

  • How to Generate New Client Leads

    This course is designed to teach you to the basics of the business development funnel and how it directly impacts your business. You will also learn the best places to find prospective client leads to fill your funnel, the tools to use to find the right contact information, and the importance of of doing research before completing any outreach.

  • Mastering the Art of Cold Calling

    This course is designed to teach you the basics of conducting successful cold calls to potential clients. You will learn about how to prepare for the call with proper research, the ideal flow of the conversation, some best practices do's and don'ts, as well as how to get past the gatekeepers so you can talk to the right decision maker. You will also learn about leaving the perfect voicemail to encourage return calls and take a look at using cold emails.

  • Selling Techniques

    This course is designed to expose you to a variety of selling techniques that you can use for your business development efforts. You will learn about consultative selling, question based selling, and pull selling. You will also get a brief overview of SPIN selling techniques. Most importantly, you will learn how to utilize the candidate leads generated through your active applicant calls. You will also when it is okay to walk away from a prospective client.

  • Marketing Candidates to Open the Door

    This course is designed to teach you the advantages of being proactive and approaching a prospective client to market a top candidate to them directly, helping open the door to doing business together. You will learn what an MPC is and how to successfully market one using both telephone and email techniques.

  • Working with Clients

    This course is designed to to teach you how to transition a prospect to a full client. In this lesson you will learn about how to give a client presentation and how to prepare for and rebut common client objections. You will learn the art of negotiating a fee agreement and how to manage client expectations.

  • How to Take a Job Order

    In this course you will learn what a job order is and the questions you need to ask to glean the necessary information needed to find the perfect candidate. Here you will learn steps to follow while qualifying a job order to make the process easy. You will also review how to work with job orders posted on the Job Market Platform to ensure success when screening and submitting candidates to open positions.

* Glossary of Common Recruiting Terms

* Introduction Letter to Recruiting


  • Welcome to the Exciting World of Recruiting!

    A brief introduction to the program and overview of what you can expect to learn during the interactive course modules on the basics of recruiting.

  • Learning to Optimize Keyword Searches

    You can't source the best candidates unless you know how to find them. This module teaches you the fundamental methods of searching for candidates online through the use of keywords and Boolean search strings.

  • Sourcing Candidates Using Job Boards

    Become familiar with a variety of popular job boards and the value they provide when it comes to sourcing candidates and building strong talent pools.

  • Writing Effective job Advertisements

    It's easier to attract the best candidates when you write engaging job advertisements. Learn why it is imperative to sell the client, the opportunity, and yourself when hunting for top talent.

  • Building Your Social Media Network

    Learn how to establish yourself as a recruitment leader on social media, in the process expanding your network and attracting passive candidates right to your door.

  • Sourcing Candidates Through Headhunting and Referrals

    Headhunting and referrals will become your primary methods of sourcing candidates. In this module, we'll introduce you to the critical skills behind each strategy.

  • The Importance of Resumes and Research

    In this course, you will explore the importance of a strong candidate resume and how to screen a resume for the required qualifications outlined in a job description using a handy checklist. You will also learn how and why you should research your candidates on social media, including both professional and non-professional sites.

  • The Importance of Candidate Screening and Qualification

    In this course, you will learn how to determine whether or not a candidate is the right match for a job spec. The session will walk you through reviewing resumes, assessing candidate qualifications, and conducting thorough screening calls.

  • Managing Your Candidate Through the Interview Process

    This course covers best practices in interview management, including how to prepare candidates before an interview and how to debrief them afterward.

  • Offer Management

    This course covers how to prepare and deliver an offer to a candidate. You will also learn how to close the candidate and deflect counteroffers.

  • Introduction to the Job Market Platform

    This course is designed to teach you the history of and introduce you to the Job Market Platform. You will go over best practices, the terms of service, and frequently asked questions.

  • Working on the Job Market Platform

    This course is designed to teach you how to be a productive recruiter on the Job Market Platform. You will learn step by step how to search for jobs to work on, how to upload and submit a candidate to an open job, as well as manage your candidates through the process.


The program is hosted through our Learning Management System (LMS)


Get your own personal learning profile page to access all of your courses


From the LMS you can track your progress and complete all of the interactive sessions

Benefits Of the Certification Program offers a cutting-edge recruiting platform for job seekers, recruiters, and employers. We help bring the industry together and facilitate job placement activity with a job market of fee-based jobs. Our broad reach, strategic integrations, and web traffic mean one thing for you: more business. We provide the infrastructure that allows you to source candidates from a steady flow of new resumes while working on a global scale. Scale up your placement activity and realize your potential as a recruiter. is invested in your success. We will let you know about cutting edge training and webinars lead by industry experts to supplement your development as a recruiter.

Between our outstanding platform administrators and Job Market Help Desk, you will receive all the support you need to be successful.
Our unique Recruiter Rewards Program lets you earn points at every step of the recruitment process – points you can redeem for perks and prizes of your choice.
As part of an elite group, trainees will have many opportunities to interact with their peers as they progress through the program together.
New employers, hiring managers, and corporate recruiters request to join our platform every day. Upon graduation from the RCP, if you are selected to engage in business development activities on behalf of, we will teach you how to increase your earning potential and provide you with free access to an ATS and employer leads to follow-up on.
Trainees who demonstrate exceptional performance may be contacted about opportunities to become staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the program and become a recruiter?

The RCP is a self-paced program. You will decide how quickly you finish the program and move onto working as a recruiter. Each training option gives you a specific amount of time to make it through all the courses:

Free Preview = 2 weeks

Recruiter 101 = 12 weeks

Business Development = 8 weeks

How much does the program cost?

The Certification Program is $299. You may also enroll in the Business Development unit for $99. See plan details here.

How much flexibility is there in the program?

The RCP is designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility to complete courses at your own pace. Extensions for additional time are granted on a space available basis.

What happens if I fall behind the program schedule?

If you fall behind in the program schedule, you may work at your own pace to make up the time prior to the scheduled end date of your session
and LMS access. If you feel you will need additional time, please contact a program coordinator to request an extension, contingent upon space availability.

When can I expect to start as a "Certified" Recruiter?

As soon as you finish all 12 courses in the Recruiter 101 training you will need email an RCP administrator and let them know you are ready to have your recruiter account activated. You will need to complete a live demo of the Job Market Platform and then you will be able to begin working as a recruiter on the platform.

Will there be any ongoing training to help me succeed?

Absolutely! In the Facebook support group you will be invited to training webinars and have access to articles and eBooks to help you continue to grow your skills as a recruiter.

After I complete the program, will I be an employee of

No, after you complete the program, if you choose to work on the Job Market platform you will be a 1099 independent contractor working with

Do I have to come into an office?

No, all recruiters are independent contractors, setting their own schedules, and working virtually on the Job Market Platform.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, you can leave the Job Market Platform at any time.

After I become a recruiter, are there assigned territories to work?

No, there are not assigned territories to work. You are free to choose any industry, specialty or location to work. In addition, you may work on any position posted in the platform, regardless of location.

Will be paying me a base salary?

No, does not pay you a base salary. You will be considered an independent contractor on our Job Market Platform. You will be paid your 50% of the placement fee after you successfully place a candidate and after our agreed candidate guarantee period with the client has passed.

All fees are clearly posted on each job listing and inside the job description. splits the fee with you 50/50 on each successful placement.

How do I make money as a Certified recruiter on the Job Market Platform?

You make money on each successful candidate placement made on the Job Market Platform. All fees are split 50/50 between you and

Fees are paid out after our agreed candidate guarantee period with the client has passed and we have verified that the candidate is still employed by the client. Once we have received payment from the client, we will process your payment ASAP. Every job order will show that job's specific guarantee terms.

Is there a limit on how much money I can I make?

There is no cap to the potential income you may make earning commission on successful placements on the Job Market.

Are there courses available for experienced recruiters?

At the moment, our current courses are geared toward those with no prior recruiting experience. There are plans to release new courses in the near future to help experienced recruiters further sharpen their skills. Stay tuned for more information! in the News

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