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Enterprise Professional Hiring

Success-based professional recruiting for full-time or contract roles

For when

You want to use a contingent search recruiter or you want to use a staffing firm 


Solution Includes:

Hiring needs assessment
Initial screening
Interview coordination


Pricing Structure

Pay 15-25% of salary upon hire

For contracts, pay simple hourly rate


Recruiters on Demand

Augment your recruiting team with a contracted virtual or on-site recruiter

For when

You have high hiring demand and need more recruiters but don't want to hire staff


Solution Includes:

Requirements identification
Location of right recruiter
Placement of recruiter
On-going management
Metrics reporting


Pricing Structure

Simple, flat monthly fee based on seniority of recruiter



How is different from working with a traditional recruiting firm?

Using is very similar to working with a traditional recruiting firm from an account management perspective. We have dedicated relationship management and do hiring needs assessments through our Talent Delivery team.

Our method of recruitment delivery is different; we use a global network of individual recruiting professionals and advanced AI technology to deliver candidate matches to you. also offers a platform for employers to screen submitted candidates.

How much does it cost?

For our Enterprise solution, very much like a traditional recruitment or staffing agency, offers success based transactional billing of approximately 15-25% of the first year's base salary. also offers contract and contract-to-hire based placements. Contract placements are billed on a simple hourly rate. All you pay is the agreed-upon hourly rate.

Our Recruiters on Demand product is a flat monthly fee based on the seniority of the recruiter.

Do you guarantee hires?

Yes. For our Enterprise recruiting solution, we offer to replace the talent we place based on the guarantee described in our recruiting solutions agreement.

For Recruiters on Demand, we do not guarantee placement, but you are under no obligation to continue using our service and can flex up or down on a monthly basis.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. Our Enterprise recruiting solution offers a simple contract, normally with a year term; however, you are under no obligation to give us job requirements to work on during that term.

The Recruiters on Demand solution is a simple monthly contract that may be cancelled with short notice.

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